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The Truth about our Drinking Water
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Aquasana Counter Top Water Filter
Aquasana Shower Filter

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Replacement Counter-top Filter
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Bottled water has become a multi-billion dollar business. It is now the fastest growing segment of the entire
beverage industry and the most profitable of all beverages. Millions and millions of dollars are spent each week
on advertising campaigns to give consumers the perception that bottled water comes from some pristine
mountain spring or magical underground aquifer.

The truth is that bottled water is often little more than tap water in a bottle.

The Federal regulations that govern bottled water only apply if it is transported across state lines, and then
only require it to be "as good as" tap water. Most bottled water is bottled and sold within the same state to avoid regulations. There are no assurances or requirements that bottled water is of any higher quality than tap water.

In March of 1999 the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) released a report called "Bottled Water:
Pure Drink or Pure Hype?" NRDC's report points out that as much as 40% of all bottled water comes from
a city water system just like tap water. The report also focuses on the fact that 60 to 70% of all bottled water
is exempt from FDA's bottled water standards because it is bottled and sold within the same state.
Unless the water is transported across state lines, there are no Federal regulations that govern its quality.
According to the NRDC:"bottled water companies have used this loophole to avoid complying with basic health standards such as those that apply to municipally treated tap water." Also, all carbonated or sparkling waters are completely exempt from FDA guidelines that set specific contamination limits.

According to the NRDC study: "even when bottled waters are covered by FDA's specific bottled water
standards those rules are weaker in many ways than EPA rules that apply to big city tap water." For instance,
if we compare EPA regulations for tap water to FDA's bottled water rules:

* City tap water can have no confirmed E.coli or fecal coliform bacteria. FDA bottled water rules include no such prohibition (a certain amount of any type of coliform bacteria is allowed in bottled water).

* City tap water from surface water must be filtered and disinfected. In contrast there are no federal filtration
or disinfectant requirements for bottled water.

* Most cities using surface water have had to test for Cryptosporidium or Giardia two common water pathogens
that can cause diarrhea and other intestinal problems yet bottled water companies do not have to do this.

* City tap water must meet standards for certain important toxic or cancer-causing chemicals such as phthalate
(a chemical that can leach from plastic including plastic bottles); some in the industry persuaded FDA
to exempt bottled water from the regulations regarding these chemicals.

* City water systems must issue annual "right to know" reports telling consumers what is in their water. Bottlers successfully killed a "right to know" requirement for bottled water.

The Natural Resources Defense Council report concluded: "While much tap water is indeed risky having
compared available data we conclude that there is no assurance that bottled water is any safer than tap water."

The reality of bottled water is that people pay from $1 to $4 a gallon for the perception of higher quality
when in fact the quality of bottled water is at best "unknown"!

A humorous, but insightful quote, from a national radio personality:

"Throughout the years man has come up with many ways to measure things.
Noah used cubits to measure the Arc.  We use carats to measure gemstones. We use lbs.
to measure our weight.  We use inches, feet and yards to measure distance.  And to measure
the intelligence of consumers... they put water in plastic bottles... to see who would buy it."

Point-of-Use water treatment with a quality in home water filtration system is by far the most economical the most convenient and the most effective way of producing healthy, great tasting water. Filtering out the chlorine lead
and other contaminants with a quality home water filtration system at the point of use just prior to consumption
is the only way to know for sure about the quality of your water.

(Information taken from the manufacturer:


"With over 15 years in the industry 17 patents and over 9 million products sold we are very
confident that Aquasana represents the absolute best value anywhere."
- Charles Strand, President

Aquasana is Latin for "water to heal" and our products were designed with this concept in mind. 
Years of research and development forged the results that Aquasana Products represent.

Sun Water Systems has designed and produced quality water filtration products, under private label,
for over 50 U.S. & International companies and is considered an industry leader in ultra-filtration products.
Unlike most other water filtration products, Aquasana products were not designed to meet minimum government
or industry standards that allow "Trace Levels" of toxic chemicals in tap water and bottled water.
We believe (and science has proven) that there are no safe levels for toxic synthetic chemicals in our water.

While it is permitted and accepted that bottled water and tap water commonly contain traces of many unhealthy contaminants Aquasana was designed to produce naturally healthy, great tasting water.

We believe that the healthiest water is water as it existed before the influences of modern man water free from
chemical contaminants and balanced with traces of the Earth's natural minerals. Aquasana systems filter
out chlorine, lead, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and cysts while leaving in the natural trace minerals.
It's like having natural spring water on tap in your home for only 9 a gallon!

Aquasana provides water that is higher in quality than any bottled water for only 9 cents per gallon.

Aquasana is also good for the environment. As a logical alternative to bottled water a single
Aquasana Drinking Water Enhancement System can prevent thousands of plastic containers from
winding up in landfills and further polluting our environment.

A quality home water treatment appliance is the best investment we can make in the health of our family.

Model AQ-4000


asquasana water filter (see through)

Aquasana is the #1 rated home water filtration system in America, works better & costs less than any other brand!
You get the very best water, the best value and the most convenience, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water!

This patented twin cartridge drinking water filter installs in seconds to standard kitchen faucets and provides
up to 30 gallons an hour of ultra-filtered high quality water for drinking, cooking and other beverages.
Includes filter housing chrome faucet diverter twin filter cartridge set (lasts 6 months/filters 500 gallons),
easy to follow instructions and cartridge re-order forms. Replacement filters cost $48.00 every 6 months/500 gallons...that's only 9 a gallon ($8.00 a month) for a virtually unlimited supply of "healthy water."

Aquasana’s exclusive dual filter system uses a combination of carbon filtration ion exchange and sub-micron
filtration to produce truly healthy great tasting water at the convenience of your kitchen tap. Filters out chlorine
lead VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), MTBE and Cysts (chlorine resistant parasites), and leaves
in the natural trace minerals!

IMPORTANT: Do not use where water is micro-biologically unsafe or with water of unknown microbiological quality, except that systems claiming cyst reduction may be used on water containing cysts.

8-Cup Pitcher Powered Water Filtration System

16-Cup Dispenser Powered Water Filtration System



  • Filtration never before available in a pitcher. Delivers performance of an installed filtration system - no plumbing or installation required
  • Fast Filtration in just seconds - uses power to filter water fast, right before your eyes
  • Filters 4X more contaminants than Purr and 10X more than Brita pitchers. Tested to remove 60 while Purr claims 13 and Brita claims 6
  • Longest lasting filter at a low cost per gallon. Aqua Sana Clarion filters deliver 8x the capacity of the leading pitcher filter for half the price
  • Ultra Delicious - Naturally occurring minerals like Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium are retained, leaving you with healthier, delicious water!

Model AQ-4100

see through shower filter system aquasana

The Aquasana Shower Filter has two separate filter stages. One that takes out chlorine and balances the pH,
the other filters out harmful VOCs and THMs that vaporize while showering and are unhealthful to inhale.
Installs in seconds and provides healthy, filtered water for showering. The healthiest most refreshing shower you'll
ever take! Offers tremendous benefits to people with skin conditions and breathing disorders. The benefits are immediately noticeable and long lasting.

“It’s like showering in natural Spring Water”

The result is the healthiest, most refreshing shower experience you'll ever have... for only 21 a day!

Comes complete with a two stage filter cartridge that lasts six months (replacement cost is only $42.00
semi-annually) and the deluxe “Niagara” adjustable pressure shower head, hand held shower wand available.

Stage 1 removes chlorine and enhances pH balance with a natural copper/ zinc mineral media called KDF-55D.
The second filtration stage uses a carbonized coconut shell media for the removal of synthetic chemicals
and volatile organic chemicals (VOC) that vaporize and can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin,
potentially causing adverse health and cosmetic effects.

Anyone who has ever swum in a chlorinated pool knows how chlorine robs moisture from skin and hair.
What most do not realize is that typically there is as much, or more chlorine in your tap water as there
is in most swimming pools.
Chlorine strips the natural protective oils from skin and hair, causing excess dryness. Without the harsh influences of chlorine you'll notice significant cosmetic benefits... softer skin & hair in a week!
Also by removing chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water, you eliminate health risks related to inhalation
and skin absorption of these chemicals, now known to be a significant source of exposure to harmful VOCs.

Your shower water will feel better, and be better for you.

w/Hand held Shower Wand

Model AQ-4105

Enjoy the convenience of an adjustable hand-held shower head with the same filtration capabilities of
the standard Aquasana Shower Filter! The Aquasana Shower Filter guarantees softer skin and hair in 1 week
or less! It's just like showering in natural spring water!
Installs in seconds! [Easy Install Video]
Enjoy the convenience of an adjustable hand-held shower head with the same filtration capabilities
of the standard Aquasana Shower Filter!

The Aquasana shower filter with hand held massage wand uses patented filtration technology to remove chlorine
and reduce synthetic chemicals and VOCs from your shower water and to balance pH, for the best shower
experience possible. Chlorine, VOCs and SOCs remove natural oils from the skin and hair and can cause
or aggravate asthma and other respiratory illnesses.
The hand-held shower head has an adjustable swivel collar that allows for adapted water pressure to provide
the most refreshing shower experience ever, and is also a convenient way to fill your bath tub or wash your baby
with clean, filtered water.
The Aquasana shower experience is as close as you can come to showering in natural spring water. Water the way mother nature intended ... healthy.
The Aquasana system provides the healthiest, most refreshing shower experience you will ever have.
We guarantee it!
All Aquasana products come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Order now!

Austin Springs Shower Filter
austin springs shower filter

Improves the Look and Feel of Skin and Hair
Helps Preserve Hair Colour Treatments
Use Less Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner

Enhances pH for the purest shower possible. Experience softer, healthier skin and hair. Reduces over 90% of chlorine in shower water. Ideal for people with sensitive skin and lungs. Eliminates unpleasant odors from water.


  • Easy to install, replace and maintain
  • Zinc and copper media filters chlorine and enhances pH
  • Long filter of 6 months or 10,000 gallons
  • 7.57 L/min (2.0 GPM) flow rate and inline design

  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
  • 8.89 cm x 16.51 cm x 22.86 cm (3.5 in. x 6.5 in. x 9 in.)
  • Weight: 1.36 kg (3 lb.)

Replacement filters for Counter top unit
Model AQ-4025

(For unit AQ-4000.)
Aquasana AQ-4000 Drinking Water Filter Replacement Cartridges A & B.
New cartridge o-rings also included.
Filters out; lead, chlorine, VOCs, MTBE and chlorine resistant parasites/cysts.
Sub micron filtration.
Filters last 6 months/500 gallons!

Replacement filter for Shower unit
Model AQ-4125
(For units AQ-4100 and 4105.)
Aquasana Deluxe 2-Stage Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge. Comes with easy-to-follow replacement instructions.
Two-stage filter removes chlorine and VOCs, enhances pH balance, prevents soap scum build-up and provides the very highest-quality shower water.
"It's like showering in natural spring water!"
Lasts 6 months!

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