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Throw Away Your Sleeping Pills
by Phillip Wilson
Well...  I really do not advocate that.   At least NOT until you have tried the Relax Sauna for a few weeks, and find you don't need them anymore.  Even then, I don't like throwing anything away, so you might like to just put them in an old closet, or drawer, and hopefully you won't feel the need to use them any more.  After a few years of non-use, then you can reconsider your decision on whether or not to keep them...
I do hear that sleeplessness  is quite a malady in the United States.  And this is sad, in one sense.   I have been blessed with an ability to sleep almost anywhere anytime.   I can meditate myself to sleep 99.9% of the time.  (Like the Persian rugs, I have had about 2-3 situations in my adult life where I did have trouble sleeping, probably to keep me from thinking I am superhuman, or to keep me humble, as well as to have a clue what some people go through regularly, so that I could have a little bit more understanding and compassion for their situation.)   
We all come into this life with certain obstacles to overcome, as a challenge to help us grow.  It's almost like solving exercises in the back of a chapter of a mathematics book.  We feel very confident when we can solve all of those problems.  And so it is in life, as we are able to maneuver ourselves through bumps in the road of our life, we start feeling better about ourselves, and more confident in our abilities to handle most situations that we find ourselves in.  Some of us have been given the obstacle of overcoming sleeping problems.

People say the Relax Sauna helps with Sleeping Problems !
It has come to my attention, going to many expos over the years, promoting and selling a particular brand of Far Infrared Sauna (called Relax Sauna), that people are not just commenting how wonderful that they feel, just by being in the saunas for 5-8 minutes, but that many are telling me that being in the sauna for those 5 minutes are making a big difference in their ability to sleep.  Two days ago was the last straw on that.  We have a health food store in Columbus, and we invite our customers to try the sauna.  And I have told many people who don't quite have the funds to purchase the sauna, that they can come in every day if they want and use the sauna for 5-10 minutes, or even longer if they want. 
So. as a result of our offer, we do have a few customers who come in every few weeks and use the sauna.  One particular lady has come into the store maybe 3-5 times a week for the last 3-4 weeks.  I met her for the first time 2 days ago, as we were all chatting at our checkout desk about the stirwands, and everything else that we have.  We were encouraging another customer to also try the sauna after this lady came out after her session.  It usually takes about 8 minutes to sweat, so many people get into the sauna (the head sticks out), and only stay in 5-10 minutes, so that they don't sweat too much, since in our store, they always wear their clothes.   A good many of our customers allow themselves to sweat just a little, although many get out before they start sweating.   We leave it up the customer to decide when they have had enough.  Some people feel soooo good, they don't care if they sweat a tad.
Lady uses Sauna in our Store for just 10 minutes, and Wow !

As we were talking, this lady started telling us about how she sleeps so well every night after she comes into our store and uses the sauna, and does not have to take any sleeping aids at all.   When she doesn't come into the store to use the sauna, she usually finds she has trouble sleeping, and has to take something to allow herself to sleep.  (She also pointed out a lot of other benefits she was deriving from the sauna as well, which is why she initially started using the sauan, one of them to avoid surgery, another the healing of scars.)

Lady uses sauna for 15 minutes ...  Best Sleep Ever in a hotel !
Finally, it dawned on me ...  I had not been noticing all of the radar of the many reports I had been hearing over the years about how much the Relax sauna had been helping people with their sleeping.  For example, we had sold a sauna at a show in Cincinnati this last October.  I helped the lady take her sauna up to her hotel room.  She came back the next morning, and raved about how she did the sauna for just 15 minutes before she went to bed, and had the best sleep she has ever had in a hotel.  And now I remember again about a lady from Seattle who tried the Relax Sauna in Denver at a show we were doing there in May.  I remember her comment as well, about how she had a particular problem sleeping in hotels always.  Never fails.   Some particular problem, not sure exactly what it was, maybe some kind of leg cramping, not quite sure.  After using our Sauna for just those 5-10 minutes at our booth, she did not have this problem the next 2 nights.  This was the first time in 15 years of traveling she did not have that problem.  She tried the sauna again for 5-10 minutes, and the next day ended up buying a sauna, as she was so ecstatic about the results she was getting.

I'm Starting to Recognize the Relaxing effect of the Relax Sauna !
I am starting to put 2 and 2 together now.  (After all, I did get a degree in mathematics.)    A friend of mine slept a few nights on my Far Infrared Bed (made also by the Relax Sauna company).  She commented how she slept so well, and that she woke up with no back pain two nights in a row.   The Relax Far Infrared Bed has a 150 watt far infrared radiator inside the bed, surrounded by air, and water.   So the bed is slightly warm, as it generates the constant far infrared light as you sleep, or lie on the bed.  This little radiator can also be purchased from us.  It is called a lovely panda, and generates 150 watts of FIR energy.  It is gente, and very soothing, and by itself can get rid of aches and pains.  Another version of this is the goose-neck 200-watt FIR Table Lamp.  We also have a professional model version of this, which generates 800 watts of FIR Light Energy, and which has been used to heal in one particular case a large diabetic ulcer 2.5 " x 1.5" within 7 weeks using it 20 minutes a day.
When we do shows, probably the most common comment we get is that people feel really,  really, really, RELAXED.  When we gave a talk at one of the shows in Chicago  or wherever we were, we put 3 people into the Sauna while we were giving the talk, and the 1st 2 had identical comments, when we asked them how they felt.  WoooONNNNDERFUL.  I also received an email earlier this week from a retired police officer who got one at our store on Sunday.   He used about twice as many letters in the word Wonderful in the comment he emailed us, as I just wrote right here. 
No Pain anymore, either - after 1 day of use in home !

And or course,  at least 3-5 people every show are totally amazed that their pain goes away.  One lady who bought a sauna from us at the Cancer Control Society Convention that they have in LA every Labor Day weekend, was so excited that she called me up the next morning to tell me that all her pain had gone away.  This is the same lady who had previously bought another far infrared sauna a year before that, and never got that kind of relief.  But she knew something was special on Saturday night when she experienced so much pain relief that evening.  So on Sunday morning, when she did it again, that's when I received her phone call with as I said, continued success. 
So I guess, what I am saying here is that, since sleeping problems has never really been an issue for me personally, I have always overlooked this tremendous benefit that many have reported to me.  It just didn't have a place in my way of looking and viewing the world.  I guess I had to be knocked on the head a few times to realize the import of what was being reported to me.
It is very heartwarming to get so many wonderful responses ab out sleeping and other benefits.   One lady who had been in an accident came into the store.  We suggested she get into the sauna for 5 minutes.   We suggested she come to our store again, anytime.  Well, she took us up on it, came back a few weeks later, and even brought a change of clothes, and some sweats, and got into the sauna for about 15 minutes.  She got some real good sweating in.  Not only that ...  She then started crying because for the first time in 4 months since her accident, she wasn't experiencing any pain.

Healing Light - Medicine of the Future !
Jacob Lieberman, an eye doctor,  wrote a book, entitled:  Light:  Medicine of the Future.  It took me about 3 years to realize that even though we cannot see the Far Infrared Light, it is still light, and then I had a big  "ahah", about how the far infrared light is a big part of that healing light that is the medicine of the future.
Far Infrared Light energy is becoming more and more popular.  We have been selling the Relax Far Infrared Saunas (they have a sit-up version, and a lie-down version) now for about 5 years.  The Relax Sauna is the only portable sauna that has a semi-conductor chip that has a computer program embedded in it that filters out all of the non-healing energies, so that you get a full dose of the far infrared light, which penetrates the skin about 1-2 inches.  The Relax Sauna also has a reflecting tent (even thought we cannot see the Far Infrared Light (sometimes abreviated as FIR), it is still reflected, and so we absorb this light into our bodies from all the nooks and crannies of the tent.  The far infrared light effects the water molecules in your body by exciting them.  They then start vibrating and contract, so as to sort of squeeze out the waste products and toxins embedded in their molecular structures.  The toxins are then carried by the lymphatic system out of the body through sweating.  This sweat (from the Relax Sauna) has been measured, and compared to regular sweat from a workout or from a regular (Finnish) Sauna that uses the hot rocks, and there are so many toxins in this Relax Sauna Sweat that are NOT present in the other sweat. After 4 years of selling this sauna it finally dawned on me, it is NOT the heat, but the LIGHT that is doing the healing.  (In the movie, The Medicine Man, starring Sean Connery, at the end of the story, he is yelling to these explorers who were searching for healing herbs to cure some kind of ailment, the answer they needed to hear: "It's the Bugs... "  (The nutrients they were looking for were in the bugs, not the plants.)  So again, It's the Light, not the heat.
Far Infrared Light is absorbed into the body, and increases the core temperature of the body.  This is why the Mayo Clinic in 1994 pointed out that although regular saunas are contraindicative for heart patients, they were recommending Far Infrared Saunas to their heart patients as a therapy. 
Relax Sauna works in 1/2 the time of FIR Wooden Saunas !

That's a little history about how the Sauna works, and I guess, quite a few stories.  For more detailed information go to our website:, or visit our store in Columbus, Ohio.  Anyone is welcome to come into our store and try the sauna for 5-8 minutes.  Many massage therapists, naturopathic physicians, Spas, and chiropractors have these in their offices, and charge about  $35 - $55 for  20-30 minute sessions.  We are compiling a list of places where you can get a Relax Sauna Sweat.  There is one place in Philadelphia that told me a funny story.  She asked her client how many minutes she wanted to stay in the sauna, and she said, "Why 45 minutes, of course, that is what it always takes across town at this other place."  The lady who owned the spa, shook her head, and said OK ...  However, she did come back in 20 minutes, and the lady said, "Wow, I have had enough !   I cannot believe it only took 20 minutes."   This same lady in the Philly area told me that she had 2 clients who had diabetic ulcers on their legs all disappear after 2 treatments a week for 2 months, and told me 2 other incredible stories about clients of her, one of whom used to have hepatitis C, and now does not after using the Relax Sauna for 2 months. 

Very Happy (Double Happy) Massage Therapists !
Massage therapists who use the Sauna in their offices, and who have their clients go into the sauna for 10 minutes before they are given a massage, have reported to me how they are able to give a much thorough and effective massage in 1/2 the time after their clients are in the sauna for just 5-10 minutes.   One massage therapist described their bodies as like butter melting in a microwave.  Another massage therapist from the Detroit area got a Sauna from us at a show, and called us on the following Wednesday, with such a glowing report about what she was able to do with so many of her clients, as well as letting us know that 3 of them were so impressed, they wanted saunas, as well. 
Relax Sauna Technology Listed with FDA as a medical Device !

Relax Sauna RadiatorsI could go on and on, and on in reporting the many benefits that we have heard from those who have bought the Relax Saunas from us, and from those just trying it at shows, or in our store.   We have even sold a number of these saunas to those who already had other brands of far infrared Saunas that were not doing for them what they expected.  These people were able to get results from the Relax Sauna, that they were not getting.  The Relax Sauna uses a PATENTED ceramic semi conductor chip that is able to filter out all of the non-healing energies, so that only Far Infrared Light (which is the only light that you can absorb into your body, since it is the only light that matches the energy we ourselves, as light beings, emit.) is emitted and absorbed into our bodies.  All other light energies cannot be absorbed by our bodies (near infrared, ultraviolet, microwave, cosmic rays, etc.) and are all naturally resisted by us, and hence cause tension, and can even cause suntan or sunburn.  Because we are not subjected to any of these other kinds of light energies, we can spend all of our time absorbing the healing light, and not having to unconsciously fend ourselves from the other non-absorbing light energies.  (This isn't too different from listening to music with high quality speakers, with no static, and also with no other music playing in the background, or people chatting nearby, as well.  All of those are distractions which can prevent you from absorbing and appreciating the music you are listening to.)

Buy A Relax Far Infrared Sauna
msrp: $1300.00 USD
retail: $1195.00 USD

So, in conclusion if you are not sleeping well, and have to use sleep aids, or even sleeping pills, then consider getting a relax sauna, and you can marvel at your new found ability to sleep well, and to truly Relax. And you might also find some other benefits as well.   You can contact us in Columbus at 800/533-4372, or can find out more information about the relax sauna at our website:  If you are a therapist or health professional and would like to make the services of the relax sauna available to your clients, please also contact us so we can arrange for you to have one of these in your office.

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