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Solar Harmonic Spectrum
BSN02 - Set of 8

This set contains a full octave of tuning forks (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C).
When played together they create series of overtones to help you relax and center yourself.
Each interval relates to a different state of consciousness and body posture.
You can creatively combine your intervals based on the five element theory of
Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth
to create a sound
healing experience.

The book Music and Sound in the Healing Arts features a chapter on the use Solar Harmonic Spectrum. They come in a beautiful velvet carrying pouch (color of pouch varies).

Crystal Tuner

The Crystal Tuner amplifies the healing power of crystals through sonic vibrations,
creating a bridge between heaven and earth. It is useful in dream work,
spiritual work, and physical work with the cranial rhythms.

This tuning fork's frequency is a high C note and amplifies the healing power
of crystals through sonic vibration (crystal not included)

Om Tuner
BSN05 - 136.1 Hz

Use this tuner for meditation, journeying, or just "tuning in" to the universal energies.
The Om Tuner is tuned especially to resonate with the "Cosmic Om" vibration.
The rishies, spiritual masters of India, believed that the musical tone "sadja" or "sa"
(which means "the father of all others") to be the musical sound which resonates
with the never ending primordial vibration "om."
The rishies arrived at
"sa" through deep meditation.
To this day Indian musicians approach tuning their instruments as a
meditation to set the spiritual tone for a whole concert.
The effect of India's meditative music is based on a musicians ability to tune to "sa".

Otto Tuner
BSN06 - 32 Hz
BSN07 - 64 Hz
BSN08 - 128 Hz

Otto Tuners are used for relaxation as the sound vibrates into the bones for a soothing effect.
They vibrate at a low pitch and, due to their weighted ends, the sound lasts longer
than that of regular tuning forks.

Otto Tuners come in three frequencies:
32 Hz (vibrations per second) - to regenerate and simulate nerves. Works with the skin and hair to stimulate the nerves.

64 Hz (vibrations per second) - for deep relaxation. Especially effective to relieve tension in the lower lumbar, sacrum and coccyx area. It is wonderful in the lower spine.

128 Hz (vibrations per second) - creates a deep earth tone. This deep tone resonates the bone and relaxes the tissues. When placed on the sternum, ribs and upper spine, it is especially good to relieve back tension.

Body Tuners

Body Tuners consist of two tuning forks, the C and the G - creating a ratio of 3/2.
Body Tuners are a special interval known in music as "a perfect fifth." 
Lao Tzu referred to this interval as the sound of universal harmony between the
forces of Yin and Yang.
In India, the fifth is believed to create a sound through which Shiva
calls Shakti to the dance of life.
Apollo, the Greek Sun God of Music and Healing plucked the fifth on his Sacred lyre to call dolphin messengers to Delphi.
These are some of the reasons it has been called "perfect."
The Body Tuners are a wonderful way to begin your sonic exploration.
You can enhance your experience of the Body Tuners by adding the intervals of the Solar Harmonic Spectrum.

Angel Tuner

 Sounding the Angel Tuner opens passageways to angelic kingdoms.
The Angel Tuners are based on the ninth octave of the overtone series.
In the overtone series a fundamental tone creates a second tone and the second tone
creates a third tone, etc. These tones ascend in pitch. This rising in pitch of the overtone series represents the archetypal images of Jacob's Ladder and the stairway to heaven.

Alexander Scriaben, a Russian composer, believed ninth octave overtones would bring forth a new era and unite Heaven and Earth. His last composition "Mysterium" was to be played in India using bells hung from clouds sounding these overtones.

The Angel Tuners can be used in many creative ways.
Tap any two together and meditate upon the sound or hold several Angel Tuners
between your  fingers and tap them simultaneously to create an Angelic concert.
The sound will  be delicate and high in pitch.

The Angel Tuners can also be used with crystals to create group meditations.
With one person laying on a table or floor as many as five people can surround him or her with their Angel Tuners and crystals. For example, one person can stand at the head,
one at each shoulder, and one at each hip creating a five star pattern. 
Then you can gently tap the forks and move the crystals along different diagonal star patterns.

Astrological Tuners

Tuning Forks of the Planets

BSN10 -Set of 11 Planetary Tuners Shown

Astrological Tuners can bring new dimensions to your astrology readings, enhance bodywork and acupuncture sessions, and can be used for personal meditation and growth.
Each Astrological Tuner is tuned to the frequency of a different planet and activates the different astrological qualities associated with that planet when played.

The Astrological Tuners work by creating a sympathetic resonance between the planets and ourselves thereby amplifying the effects of each planet in our lives. Listening to Astrological Tuners, or using them directly on the body, allow us to consciously direct the energy of each planet for healing and well-being.

Choose individual Astrological Tuners for your life now or buy a whole set.
Each Astrological Tuner is labeled on the tuning fork with the name of the planet and the exact vibrations per second of the tuning fork.
And, they come in a beautiful black satin bag with a gold cord.

Individual Planet Tuning Forks

Sun - enhances our sense of strength and motivation, self identity, vitality and radiance and promotes enthusiasm and determination.

Moon - promotes emotional tranquility, softness, inward reflection, sleep, and a flowing flexibility with life.

Earth - (also known as our Om Tuner) enhances the deep security and safety of Mother Earth, the cosmic sound of Om, and an ability to be grounded and centered. Mercury enhances our abilities to cooperate through understanding and sharpens our communication skills through reason, and writing and speaking with confidence.                    

Venus - enhances our ability to feel, and have love and close relationships with others. It symbolizes our sense of creativity and artistry, receiving and sharing, and increases our love of pleasure, peace, harmony, and self appreciation.

Mars - enhances our strength our desire, gets us motivate to act, and brings out our decision-making abilities and assertiveness. Mars gives us courage and strengthens our sexual nature.

Jupiter - enhances openness, trust, optimism, good fortune, and brings out a jovial spirit of laughter. Jupiter allows us to be open to experiencing grace and the adventure of life.

Saturn - enhances our ability to be disciplined and set limits and boundaries for ourselves and others. Saturn helps us become more structured and organized and take responsibility for completing important tasks in our life.

Uranus - enhances our ability to makes life changes through inspiration and insight and freedom of expression without self imposed limitations. 

Neptune - enhances our spiritual experiences and brings out our ability to be compassionate and open to surrendering to our creativity.

Pluto - enhances our ability to face our deepest secrets and bring light to the darkness in our lives. Through Pluto we can let go of the old and bring rebirth and new beginnings.

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Theory and Practice
BioSonic Repatterning Video Study
Program In Music and Sound  Healing

     by Dr. John Beaulieu

           Dr. Beaulieu discusses and demonstrates the use of tuning forks in clinical practice.
Topics include: pythagorean intervals related to spirals and still points, creating a tuning fork session, and methods of sounding tuning forks.

Additional topics include the theory and use of Otto or Osteophonic tuning forks on the body to stimulate nerve centers and acupressure points. (VHS 1:45min)

Voice Energetics

Voice Energetic      
A healing voice is a musical voice.
This class utilizes practical speaking and listening exercises to refine the sense of hearing.
The main focus is the speaking voice, its variations -related to Five Element Theory - and a
practical system of voice and music healing.
If you want to speak better  before groups, communicate in a more aware and intimate way,
or learn  how to evaluate a person through their voice than this is the class for you.
Dr. Beaulieu shares his thirty years of experience on evaluating and using our speaking voice for healing. The applications of Voice Energetics can be used to refine your listening abilities for heightened communications and increased effectiveness in verbal counseling and psychotherapy. (DVD 1:50min )



Toning is the art of making healing sounds to free your voice, and heal your body and emotions.  Topics include: the theory of toning, emotional and body toning, organ toning, environmental toning, and special individual and group toning exercises: guided toning, spinal toning,
and 'finding your own note.' (DVD 1:40min )

Bija Mantras of the Spinal Chakras

           Bija means seed. The Bija Mantras are the seed sounds of each chakra which when whispered, spoken, or chanted can activate elemental energies for balancing life energy.
They can be used to activate and balance the five elements for healing.
Topics include: understanding mantras, bija  pronunciations, methods of repetition and intonation, how to create mantric formulas for healing, and a special guided imagery on the rain forest origins of the
bija mantras. Dr. Beaulieu shares his thirty years experience with bija mantras and gives practical instructions on how to evaluate, pronounce and give bija mantras for healing in an energy medicine context. (VHS 1:40min )

BioSonic Repatterning:
Five Element Theory Evaluation

The Five Elements are fundamental to life and healing. Topics in this video include the theory
and evaluation of the five elements:
Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth via lecture, special exercises, and demonstrations. (VHS 1:50min )

Sacred Sound


Sacred Sound is a three part video. Part I, Cymatics, is the study of sound as pulse, wave,
and form. Part II, Sonic Anatomy, demonstrates the  relationship of sound to cranial and spinal motions for healing. Part III, The Five Levels of Listening, sets forth a system for understanding. (VHS 1:50min )

Music and Sound in the Healing Arts

Music And Sound

This book is based on the pioneering work of John Beaulieu, internationally acclaimed author, musician and lecturer. John takes you through a wonderful experience of how we hear sound,
and how you can work with sound in your daily life for personal growth, self-improvement and healing. Many experiential exercises are included. 

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All 11 Forks
BSN03 Crystal Tuner
4.096 kHz
BSN04 Angel Tuner Set
Set of 3
BSN06 Otto 32 Fork
32 Hz
BSN07 Otto 64 Fork
64 Hz
BSN08 Otto 128 Fork
128 Hz
BSN05 Om Tuning Fork
136.1 Hz
BSN01 Body Tuner Set
Set of 2 (C & G)
BSN02 Solar Harmonic Spectrum Set
Set of 8 (Full Octave) 
BOK783 Music and Sound in the Healing Arts
BSN22 Sound Healing with Tuning Forks
VID19 Sacred Sound
 BSN221 Voice Energetics
 BSN222 Toning
  Bija Mantras of the Spinal Chakras
  Five Element Evaluation