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Last Updated: 12/6/11
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Figits for 
your digits !
Have you exercised your digits today ?
Or, your fingers with the figit ?

History of Massage Tools in the United States of America.

It all started way back in the late 1970s / early 1980s...
(well, first it was the late 60s / early 70s 
when the Ma Roller and the Footsie Roller
were invented,
then came the back massagers in the late 70's
(including the Body Buddy and the original 4-balled Body Roller, among others).

   So the foot and the back had been taken care of,
the two most obvious places to massage.

Then came more foot massagers:
The Foot Doctor, (the prototype to the Rolliever),
and many other imitation Footsie Rollers.

Then there were the foot massagers in frames (including the original Gym-Roller,
and the Foot Reflexology Bed, etc.)

Then came the stringed back massagers, the wooden ones (many of them), and the
higher quality plastic one called the La-lo (push-pull) Muscle Massager -
which had irregular shaped objects making nice digs into your back or legs, etc.

Still working with the Back...

Of course, along came the Hitachi Twin Head massager,
the best massager on the planet -
for the arms, the legs, back, shoulders,
and any place where there is a muscle.

Then the Acu-Masseur arrived,
for the neck and shoulders... (and the calves, and hips, and ribs)

It is one of the best do-it-yourself massagers!
And this one follows the rise of Pressure Positive tools,
(which are do-it-yourself back massagers that can really dig into a particular point).
These include the Backnobber, Theracane, and improved Backnobber 2.

Other Pressure Massagers followed,
such as the Knobble, and
the Mini-Ma to go along with the Ma Roller.

Later on, you have the body ball, which you can roll on
another great back massager.

The Hand Massagers arrived:
the Acc-u-ssager, the Oriental Health Ring, the Guam Bong (from China), and
even the Chinese Exercise Balls.

So what's new ?

Now, the attention in on Head Massagers!
First the Head Trip and then the battery powered Brain Wave.
These are definitely trips.
And then... 
last, but not least...

The Finger Massager...

The Figit (for your digit)
It has arrived !

I cannot imagine what they will think of next.

Pick a finger, any finger, and roll the figit up and down. Feels great !!! 

MAS953 - Figit - $2.95 each.
6 or more $2.75 each , 12 or more $2.55 each, 24 or more $2.35 each

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Figit (for your digit)
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