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About Flor • Essence
Ingredients in Flor • Essence

UCH06 - 17 fl oz (503 ml)
UCH061 - 32 fl oz
UCH062 - 2.2 oz powder

Flor • Essence gently removes toxins

Flor • Essence has earned worldwide respect as a gentle yet powerful detoxifying and revitalizing formula. Most other cleansing kits aggressively remove accumulated waste with often harsh side-effects and rarely deal with toxins that infiltrate all our organs and tissues. Flor • Essence liquid gently flushes toxic residue from the kidneys, liver, lungs, colon, and bloodstream.

The active components in the herbs contained in Flor • Essence also improve digestion and cleanse the intestinal organs, gently removing 'sludge' that prevents full absorption of vital nutrients. Strong bowel-evacuating herbs may irritate the colon and repeated colonics can wash away valuable friendly bacteria. With digestion improved, Flor • Essence keeps food from fermenting in the intestinal tract and from becoming a source of toxins. The results are healthier, toxin-free cells, improved digestion, optimal health and vibrant energy.


Flor • Essence is based on a traditional eight herb formula which has been used for over 100 years by health conscious persons worldwide. The formula possesses numerous beneficial components including trace elements, vitamins, minerals, phytoestrogens, anti-oxidants and other active substances. A literature review conducted by the University of Texas Center for Alternative Medicine Research (UT-CAM) identified 107 references on the principal herbs used in Flor • Essence. Participants in the University of Texas survey reported feeling and coping better, increased energy and reduced symptoms after treatment with Flor • Essence. Recent clinical research conducted with the Russian Ministry of Health revealed that Flor • Essence helps boost the immune system and is an effective aid for chronic gastrointestinal discomfort. A study conducted by the University of British Columbia in Canada found Flor • Essence to possess powerful antioxidant properties. For example, one molecule of vitamin C or vitamin E destroys one free radical, whereas one molecule of Flor • Essence destroys 14 free radicals.

When to detoxify:

It is recommended that you complete at least a one-month detoxification program with Flor • Essence every six months to maintain good health. However, if you are not in good health, are low in energy, it is important to remain on a cleansing and detoxification program until health has returned, energy levels have increased, and you no longer feel any physical symptoms associated with these stages.

Safe & simple to use:

Flor • Essence can be purchased ready-made or be prepared at home. Take on its own or as a tea by diluting the amount listed below with an equal or double amount of hot or cold water. Use spring or distilled water when preparing. Sip slowly.

Adults: Take 2 oz. of Flor • Essence twice daily.
Children: (2-12 years of age): Give 1 oz. of Flor • Essence twice daily.
Infants: (0-2 years of age): Give 1 oz. of Flor • Essence per day.

Note: Take on an empty stomach, 1/2 hour before any meal, and at bedtime.
After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 3 weeks.

How long does one box of dry Flor • Essence last?

One box makes a total of 96 ozs or 3 liters of the concentrate from 3 pouches.

What temperature should the water be?

The liquid concentrate is stored in the fridge, so it is cold. When the amount to be taken is poured into a glass or cup, and hot water added to it, it will be warmed approximate to body temperature. Many medicinal ingredients in liquids are better absorbed by the body when diluted with hot water.

Should I take care to use non-fluoridated water?

Fluoride does not interfere with the absorption of Flor • Essence, but the added fluoride in municipal water is not beneficial to the body. It is best to use spring or distilled water in the brewing procedure.

Is it okay to brew the tea with half the amount of water per pouch to make it more concentrated?

The reason for the 5 cups of water per pouch is so that the max amount of the active ingredients will be pulled out of the herbal material. Half the amount might mean that the liquid would be fully saturated with the active ingredients before all of them were out of the plant material, and therefore some of the potency would be lost.

The package does not produce 32 ozs or 1 liter of the tea in brewing.
What can be done?

Three possible causes for the lack of ozs:

1) A shallow pot: Stainless steel "soup stock pots" have the depth needed for the steam to re-condense and return to the boiling liquid. A 16 quart pot, available at WalMart for less than $30, is large enough to brew up 2 BOXES at a time. Two boxes require 30 cups of water, and this only fills the 16 quart pot halfway, leaving enough head room for the steam to cool, re-condense, and fall back into the liquid again.

2) The lid must be left on the pot during the boiling time. The moment the liquid starts boiling, steam will push out under the lid, indicating that the burner can be turned down to medium. This is the moment to turn the timer on for 10-12 minutes. Doing this prevents the boiling liquid from overflowing the top of the pot, and from creating and losing too much steam.

3) Every single drop of liquid from the big pot needs to be strained, including the sediment. The liquid sediment will of course plug the strainer, and it needs to be stirred with a teaspoon, until as much of the liquid as possible has gone through. Obviously, some of the very fine sediment will get into the bottle, during the stirring. Let it settle out in the bottom of the jar, and when taking the tea, just pour the liquid off the top. When the sediment is reached, discard it.

NOTE: The sediment can be consumed if desired. Just shake the jar before pouring out the amount to take.

Caution about Flor • Essence:

* NEVER store the Flor • Essence in plastic. An undesirable reaction occurs between the plastic and acidic qualities in the Flor • Essence.

* Sometimes the concentrate can be quite glutinous. This is a natural property of the Slippery Elm and the Burdock. It will dissolve and dissipate when hot water is added to the cold concentrate when the dosage is diluted before consumption.

* There are no preservatives in the concentrate made at home. Please make sure bottles are sterile, and the liquid, once prepared, is kept in the refrigerator.

* DO NOT FREEZE THE LIQUID. This will negate all the active properties.


Although for most people there are no problems, nonetheless, caution should be exercised. If dealing with severe health issues such as: kidney dialysis, because of the levels of potassium and phosphorus; or severe blood pressure problems. Since the tea can help rid the body of the substances that may be affecting your body, it is always best to let your doctor know what you are doing.

Chemotherapy and Radiation?

Flor • Essence can safely be taken during chemotherapy or radiation, and should be, since it may help the patient deal with many of the side effects of these therapies. In a sense it helps the immune system identify cells and cellular masses that are foreign to the body. Chemo drugs, as such, do not have a cellular structure, neither does radiation, so essentially this liquid will not interfere. However, these treatments do produce waste material, and Flor • Essence will target these. Chemo and radiation add toxins to the body, producing more wastes, making a longer cleansing time, but this liquid will not interfere with the chemo and radiation.

Conflict with drugs?

There is no known contraindication for using Flor • Essence with any other medical therapy or drug. To the best of our knowledge, Flor • Essence does not interfere with any allopathic treatment, nor with any alternative treatment. The liquid goes after toxic or cellular waste resulting from regular metabolism. Any natural therapy will, of course, work quickest and best going into a body that is free of as many drugs as possible. To the best of our knowledge, it can be taken safely with any form of treatment. The secrets with this herbal treatment are perseverance and patience.

Pregnancy and nursing mothers:

One of the herbs in Flor • Essence, Burdock root, is understood to be a uterine muscle stimulant, and the possibility exists that it might cause a spontaneous discharge. We have NO documentation that this has ever occurred with Flor • Essence, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Nursing mothers need to understand that the body will use the quickest means available to get rid of toxic substances and waste products. The possibility exists that it could use the mother's milk. Therefore although Flor • Essence itself can be taken by infants, it is not recommended for pregnancy or nursing mothers. The tea is a very efficient detoxifier, and the body will always work with something that is trying to cleanse it, however these wastes should not go to the new-born.

Who should not take Flor•Essence?

- Pregnant and nursing women
- People with an anaphylactic shock reaction to iodine
- People who have had an organ transplant: lung, liver, heart, kidney or other organ,
(because Flor•Essence may interfere with the anti-rejection drugs).
- Bone marrow transplants, when the origin of the marrow is from the patient,
and the patient is not on anti-rejection drugs do fine.
- People who are very environmentally sensitive should start with much lesser amounts
and build up to the higher ones on a very gradual basis




Burdock root (certified organic) is renowned for its immune enhancing properties. Active ingredients include 45% inulin, essential oils, vitamins and a broad array of minerals. Traditional Chinese medicine considers burdock root to be strengthening and cleansing.

Sheep Sorrel (certified organic) helps counteract toxins and provides oxygen to tissue at the cellular level. It also provides strong immune support. Sheep sorrel has a long history of traditional use as an astringent, diuretic and laxative.

Slippery Elm bark helps soothe the digestive tract because it contains large amounts of mucilage. This bark is especially noted for soothing inflammatory irritation.

Turkish Rhubarb root helps detoxify the bowel and cleanse the liver. The root helps to normalize bowel movements and is considered a safe and effective laxative.

Red Clover (certified organic) it is a blood purifier that facilitates the elimination of toxins and waste through the skin, kidneys and bowels.

Blessed Thistle (certified organic) helps digestion by increasing the flow of gastric juices.

Kelp (certified organic) contains an abundance of minerals. This marine plant is a great source of iodine, which helps regulate energy levels. The alginates found in kelp have many beneficial effects, the most important of which is gathering and removing heavy metals from the body.

Watercress is a rich source of chlorophyll, vitamins A and C, and many minerals, including iodine. It has been used traditionally as a detoxicant and restorative.

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2 or more (each)
UCH06 Flor • Essence
17 fl oz
UCH061 Flor • Essence
32 fl oz
UCH062 Flor • Essence Dry
2.2 oz powder