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Last Updated: 4/8/11
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Whole Body Massage Tool
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We have been selling the Knobble since the early 1980s. We find it a very practical,
and beautifully crafted wooden massage tool that is easy to hold, and which
has a multitude of self-uses that a skilled, semi-skilled, or un-skilled body worker can use (especially if they want to save wear and tear on their fingers and hands).

Deep massages are both wonderful to give & receive.
he Knobble is for whole body massages!
Lie on it, lean on it, or use it hand-held while working on tough spots.
Widely used and recommended by professional bodyworkers,
the Knobble  is made of tree-farmed hardware with a non-toxic finish.
It is packaged in soft mesh and includes an instruction booklet.

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 Different ways to hold the Knobble, and to use on yourself or others.

knobble side
MAS24 - Knobble

New improved plastic cousin of the classic wooden Knobble.
knobble side
MAS24G - Knobble II (Green)
MAS24B - Knobble II (Blue)

MAS24R - Knobble II (Red)

The Knobble II is made of lightweight and durable plastic for even more portability.
It features a no-slip rubber grip for easier control when used alone or along with your favorite massage oil.
Designed for easy carrying in your coat pocket or hand bag, and is perfect for traveling.

knobble pics
 Different ways to hold the Knobble II, and to use on yourself or others.

No longer available !

Hardwood with a sturdy, non-toxic finish.
Comes with illustrated Instruction Booklet.

Simple, convenient, and effective.

Just put the Diskin under whatever part of your body needs attention:
back, neck, feet, hips, buttocks, or ham-strings.
The large, round knobs gives deep but gentle pressure.

Relax and let gravity do the work.

Also excellent as a hand-held massager: 
the broad base provides ample room for one
or even two hands,
for easy application of deep pressure.

Platform provides stability even on a soft mattress.

No longer available !

batando       batando4
The Batando is amazingly versatile!
The solid maple handles and two-sized massage knobs massage the surface,
while the rope can be quickly adjusted to the right length for each technique.

It is adjustable for all part of your body!
Lit on it for deep, satisfying back work!

The Nutcracker Action fives it two-sided power.

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MAS24 Knobble 
MAS24B Knobble II - Blue
MAS24G Knobble II - Green
MAS24R Knobble II - Red
MAS24P Knobble II - Purple