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Last Updated: 4/1511
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The do-it-yourself Back Massager!  

       lalo muscle massager - orange       laloo01.jpg

Dig and Delve:

The La-Lo means Push-Pull (in Chinese).
This massage tool digs into the muscles in a way that no other rollers can.
It is made of plastic finger-like hooks that dig in and do a great massage by
pulling the string over the shoulders, back (diagonally), hamstrings, calves, feet
or waist (back & forth)  with both hands, in the same manner
that you would dry yourself off with a towel. 

green lalo finger-like hook
The finger-like projections

The finger-like projections are especially designed to dig in and give a vigorous,
yet penetrating massage to any part of the body. 

lalo - kim using across back - professional photo

How to use the La-Lo:

The first picture illustrates the
back being massaged. 
The second picture shows the shoulder, the trapezius muscle, getting a good workout.
And the third picture, the neck is feeling wonderful. 

Note: One does not have to be vigorous with this massage tool,
as its projections will dig deeply into the muscles. 

One can also use the La-Lo Muscle Massager as a Pressure Point Massager, 
holding the muscles firmly and gently.

lalo - kim using on back                      lalo - kim using on left shoulder - front view                   lalo - kim using on neck
La-Lo across the back          La-Lo across the shoulder           La-Lo on the neck

Waist-ing Away !

lalo - kim using on waist

This is the one of the nicest feelings one can get!

Slightly bend over so the crevices in the back open up.
Then vigorously
(or slow, steady & FIRM)
moving the the La-Lo Muscle Massager back and forth (from the shoulders to the waist)

will produce a wonderful release of tensions that you probably did not even know were there. 
The hands are held open to the sky and the balls are inserted 
in each hand so that the pulling back and forth is both gentle and firm.

Now it's time for some serious limb exercises !

         lalo - kim using on calf - left side   lalo - kim using on hamstrings (left)    lalo - kim using on left arm - front view    lalo - kim using on left foot
   La-Lo on the hamstrings, calves, and even the arms, and feet.

The La-Lo feels incredible on the hamstrings... 
You've got to try it to believe it !
 Here is a wonderful massage to do one leg at a time ....

Start at the upper hamstring (as in picture 1). 
Then gently, firmly and vigorously go down to the lower calf (as in picture 2). 
Come up all the way to where you began at the upper part of the hamstring. 
Then repeat this process on the other leg. 
(If you do the right leg first, your left leg is definitely going to feel left out.) 

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