Oculax Acupoint Eye Patches, acupressue sleep aid
Last Updated: 4/5/11
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oculax patches
oculax patches on face
OCX01 - 10 patches come in a box
(6 patches in each packet to be applied as shown above)

The patches stimulate the eye muscles, nerve
and blood circulation, relieve eye fatigue,
and promote vision and brain clarity.

A Note From Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98 

"The 1st morning you will notice a
wonderful difference in the way you feel!"

Oculax Eye Patches are a topical, painless acupressure patch that combines natural medicinal herbs and advanced manufacturing technology. These patches improve vision without prescription medication.
The effectiveness of Oculax in improving nearsightedness, presbyopia, glaucoma,
and common eyestrain from excessive computer use has been proven in many years of clinical testing.
Moreover, Oculax has been found to alleviate headaches and insomnia.

Suggested for people with:
* Vision problems from computer use such as: eye fatigue, declining eyesight, and sensitivity to light.
* Trachoma, myopia (nearsightedness), presbyopia, cataract, and high eye pressure due to glaucoma.
* Migraine headache, dizziness, and insomnia.

Modern Technology combined with Traditional Medicine
As far back as three thousand years ago, Chinese doctors have understood the importance of unobstructed circulatory system. Tiny needles have been used ever since to stimulate pressure point all over the body to unobstruct the circulatory system. Oculax patches have been created using the purest, natural herbal essences using the latest technology combined with the fundamental
practices of Chinese acupuncture.

All eye disorders are caused by the following 3 main factors:
1. The disturbance of blood circulation of the micro vessels around the eyeground and the slowing
down of the blood flow rate cause the lack of oxygen and nutrition of the eyeground.
2. The abnormity of nerve regulating around the eyes and imbalance between the
sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves.
3. The spasm of the muscles around the eyes like ciliary muscles, and etc.

Oculax can regulate and improve the blood circulation of the eyeground micro- vessels,
supplement its nutrition and oxygen, balance the sympathetic
 and parasympathetic nerves, and improve the muscle spasm.

Computer Users
As computers have become indispensable tools in the household and workplace,
more and more people are experiencing the side effects of excessive computer usage:
weakened and deteriorating vision, and headaches.

1. Before bedtime, thoroughly clean face.
2. Apply patches at various pressure points as shown on instruction sheets.
3. Discard patches the following morning.
4. Apply for ten consecutive days.


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Oculax Acupoint Eye Patches