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pain eraser in hand

The original Pain Eraser was conceived by Delores Orhdorf. She had suffered from many physical ailments and could get no relief. Her first Pain Eraser was the Magic Finger Roller, containing 180 magic little fingers (or spikes) on a rolling pin like contraption.  By rolling it along her body - it alleviated her pain. Gradually this self-massager was perfected into the line of products now referred to as Pain Eraser. Read more about Delores Orhdorf, the history of Pain Erasers, and more in her booklet:

BK10 - Acu-Reflex System Booklet
By Delores Orhdorf

Why is the Pain Eraser so effective?

The Pain Eraser products are amazing self-massage tools that work wonders on soft and hard tissue by improving circulation and loosens tense muscles. It stimulates the body, or hands or legs, or feet, or calves, or back, or tummy, or any part of the body simply by applying pressure and the spikes to the body.

A Note From Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98 

The Pain Eraser Family...

These products are some of the greatest massage tools ever created! Why? Because by using the Pain Eraser Balls on others, you are giving your hand a great massage as well!

Check out another great self-massage tool:

The Acu-Masseur
Go to the main Acu-Masseur Page

acu-masseur woman on shoulders

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MAS05 - Hard Pain Eraser (Blue)
MAS05Y - Soft Pain Eraser (Yellow)

For those who want a gentler Pain Eraser, this version is comes in the color yellow and is made from softer rubber.

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MAS35 - Hard Pain Eraser 1
MAS35P - Soft Pain Eraser 1
MAS61 - Hard Pain Eraser 2
MAS612 - Soft Pain Eraser 2

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MAS62 - 4 Cylinder Roller
Hard Rubber
MAS02 - 5 Cylinder Roller
Hard Rubber

The famous Acu-Reflex Roller invented by Deloris Orhdorf ...

This is the ORIGINAL product Ms. Orhdorf created to "cure" herself - the mother of all of the Pain Eraser products. 

This unit has a stainless steel rod, and that is why it is so much more expensive than the "pain eraser" deluxe and other products.
If you are going to use it in the water for therapy, then you would definitely want stainless steel.


MAS03  Blue                         MAS033  Purple-soft

The best of them all !

If you are interested in investing in an excellent, sturdy product - this is the one you want.
This is the ultimate Pain Eraser.


MAS021 - The Pain Eraser balls have a 3" diameter.

Compare with the other Pain Eraser balls...
(which are 2" in diameter)



The Pain Eraser is a great foot massager because it allows for all the benefits of a Pain Eraser,
but in a stationary frame so that you may apply both feet at the same time.

This is the original pain eraser foot massager. 4 pain erasers are mounted in a platform to be used by one foot or both foot at one time. This is one of the best manual foot massagers you can find, and made with the ORIGINAL 100% RUBBER pain eraser, introduced in the 1970's by Deloris Ohrdorf, author of the book, Dr. Ohrdorf's Acu-Reflex Home Therapy. These are brand new. The balls are blue, and are made of hard rubber, as is the original pain eraser ball, which sells for $10.95 each. Thus the balls alone are worth $43.80 without the platform, which allows one to use this as a very very effective foot massager. A gold sparkley dust is present on these mint-new massagers, which can be wiped off, if you desire. The Acu-reflex 5-ball massager on a rolling pin regularly sells for $99.95.

 This 4-ball platform acu-reflex foot massager also sells for $129.95.  We have huge discounts on it when you buy 2 or more, or 4 or more.

The original Pain Eraser was conceived by Deloris Orhdorf. She had suffered from many physical ailments and could get no relief. Her first "Pain Eraser" was the Magic Finger Roller (now called the acu-reflex 5 cylinder roller), containing 180 magic little fingers (or spikes) on a rolling pin like contraption. By rolling it along her body, it alleviated her pain. She had been very sick, and she self-cured herself using this concept of acu-points in the body being rolled by pointy natural rubber rollers. Gradually this self-massager was perfected into the line of products containing the pain eraser ball. She still produces some "pain-eraser" products using the rubber cylinder, as well.

After many, many requests, Deloris finally decided to use the pain-eraser concept into a won't roll away platform foot massager, which is one of the best manual foot massagers. This product is manufactured in the United States, and is made with 100% pure rubber, which makes a big difference in the way it feels, the way it penetrates, and in the effectiveness it has in relieving pain. There are "knock-off" pain erasers that are NOT made with 100% rubber, and just do not have the feel-good effect of these all natural rubber massage balls, and from our viewpoint, also lack the results that only a natural rubber product can produce, with no side effects from using a rubber/plastic or plastic on your feet.

How to use: The beauty of the construction of this foot massager is that you can use both feet at one time. One can simply rub the feet up and down the roller, focusing on the middle area of the feet. Or as one gets more advanced in the treatment, one can isolate the toes of the feet, the balls of the feet, the sides of the feet, and the heels. In 2-3 minutes, you can give yourself a very very vigorous workout that will keep your feet tingling for hours. That stimulation is great for bringing healing energy into your feet and your legs and getting the circulation going in the whole body.

One can also bend over and use the "foot" massager as an all-body massager, and very easily massage up and down the spine. One can stand up, and go up and down the whole body, including the ribs, the legs, the butt, and the arms. The platform is so easy to hold that the massage can be done with only one hand at a time.
So if one arm is in a cast, no problem !

A complete foot and body workout can be done in 5-10 minutes, and leaves the body feeling very invigorated. The booklet, Dr. Ohrdorf's Acu-Reflex Home Therapy, showing diagrams and explaining how to use the acu-reflex roller, is available for an additional $10.00.


MAS615 - 3-Ball Wand
Handle on ONE side

MAS616 - 3-Ball Wand
Handles on BOTH sides

A Note From Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98 

If you read above on how to use the pain eraser:  "And what is so exciting is that when you do it on a friend, you receive the benefits, because your hand gets the best workout of its life."  But your hand isn't quite ready for such a workout, or you can't quite get your fingers to outstretch, then you might like to try the Pain Eraser 1, or the Pain Eraser 2.  You hold the handle.  It's much easier.  And you can do a great job of massaging someone's face, neck, back, etc.

For the ultimate in Pain Eraser Satisfaction, the Pain Eraser Deluxe will rolling-pin you like nobody can.  The 4 cylinder-shaped blue rubber fittings, made with natural rubber, create a very wonderful stimulating massage, especially when rolled over a light cotton or gauze shirt.

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This rolling massager has a handle and 4 Pain Eraser balls. This tool hits all of the pressure points across a muscle. It feels great on the back, shoulders, neck, legs, and feet! It works especially well on the sides of the spine.

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The Happy Heart can be heated...

This unusual addition to the Pain Eraser Family isn't made of rubber...
You can boil it in water or put it in a micro-wave oven, so that it will get nice and warm, (and stay warm for up to 30 minutes). This allows you to use as a warm massage tool for yourself and others.

DaVinci Tool Soft & Firm Trigger Point Occipital Neck Massager
and many, many more....
  • Relieves headache
  • Alleviates neck tension
  • Eases lower back pain
  • Releases muscle spasms
  • Helps improve posture
davincitool.jpg    davincitoolfirm.jpg
MAS845 SOFT (Red) & MAS847  FIRM (Blue)

Overview: The Davinci Tool Firm Trigger Point Occipital Neck Massager is a versatile self massage tool that will help you relieve headache pain and soothe tired, sore muscles. Simple and easy to use and the perfect travel companion. Take it with you anywhere; to work, on vacation or you can even use it in your car. It will relieve stress, muscle spasms, trigger points and improve posture.

Instructions: Place the DaVinci Tool at the top of the neck and base of the skull. Lie back and relax. Adjust the position of the tool until effective. Position the tool anywhere there is tension, muscle spasms or soreness and lie back and relax. Let the tool do the work for you. Each side of the DaVinci Tool has a different application. Turn it and try all sides for the one that is best for you. The DaVinci Tool can also be used as a hand tool to work on a partner or yourself.

davincitool1.jpg    davincitool2.jpg    davincitool3.jpg  davincitool4.jpg

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Pain Eraser - Hard Rubber (blue)
Pain Eraser - Soft Rubber (yellow)
 $9.95  $8.95
Pain Eraser 1: Facial Roller - Hard Blue Rubber
Pain Eraser 1: Facial Roller - Soft Purple Rubber
Pain Eraser 2: 2-Ball Roller - Hard Blue Rubber
Pain Eraser 2: 2-Ball Roller - Soft Purple Rubber
Pain Eraser 3: 3-Ball Wand - Yellow & Blue Rubber
Pain Eraser 3: 3-Ball Roller - Soft Yellow Rubber
Pain Eraser 4-Cylinder Roller - Hard Blue Rubber
Pain Eraser 5-Cylinder Roller - Hard Blue Rubber
Acu-Reflex 5-Ball Roller 

MAS033 Acu-Reflex 5-Ball Roller Purple-Soft   1 left
$105.00 -

Pain Eraser Big 4 Ball Roller
Acu-Reflex 4 Ball Foot  Roller - Hard/Blue
Acu-Reflex 4 Ball Foot Roller - Soft/Purple
MAS60F Quad Pain Eraser Roller  Discontinued
Happy Heart 
DaVinci Tool Soft (red)

$24.95 $23.95

DaVinci Tool Firm (blue)
$24.95 $23.95

Dr. Ohrdorf's Acu-Reflex System (Book)