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Sleping Aid

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(Features: Colon Cleanse Detoxify and Whole Body Cleanse Detoxify)

A Note From Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98

American Biologics: Our flagship product line

What makes American Biologics so unique?

* Pharmaceutical Grade quality
- The highest quality grades of raw materials available
- Free of corn, allergens
- Formulated by U.C. Berkeley Cellular Biologist Dr. Parris Kidd, PhD

* This product line has had the same formulas and products for 30 years -
they do not cater to health trends

* Numerous mentions in ‘Prescription for Nutritional Health
- Recommended for numerous metabolic and absorption problems

A note about the each category of American Biologics products:

** Probiotics stabilized with herbs, not MSG like others.
- The secret is not which strain is used but the use of high numbers of strains targeted at the whole gut (as opposed to particular area of the gut like aerobic acidophilus that lives in the small intestine). Each gram of American Biologic's Micro-Plex (1/4 teaspoon) contains billions of four strains.

** Inf-zyme Forte powder uses the (expensive) pH coating to survive transit time through stomach until it reaches alkaline lining (versus time-release technique).

- Oxy 5000 Forte – Anti-oxidant enzyme with detoxifying properties
** Harvested from glands of select cows in Wisconsin (vs. plant enzymes which can’t replicate what human body needs)

- Arctic, double-molecular distilled
- No colored or sugar coating
- Proper 3-6-9 ratios
** Fortified with anti-oxidants (including beta carotenes which produce dark areas in the soft gels) to prevent rancidity.

- Farmers to are legally only required to replace Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium in agricultural soils - and the consequences are mineral-deficient American diets.
- Alkalizing minerals counteract body acidity - therefore, everyone benefits from supplementing with a mineral supplement.


AMB07 - 90 tabs
AMB05 - 180 tabs

Oxy-500 Forte is a science-based combination of selected antioxidant enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and metabolic co-factors. Oxy-5000 Forte has been formulated to meet scientific findings in the roles of antioxidants in human health. This product is specially coasted to resist stomach acid.

Recommend use:
As a dietary supplement take 2-4 tablets 1-3 times daily, or as directed by a physician.


AMB20 - 60 caps

It is our goal with this formula to assist the individual in recovery from tissue injury

at any location in the body, whatever the trigger initiating that injury.

In this complex, the finest herbal flavonoids have been combined. Each herb has been compounded into a standardized extract in order to ensure consistent delivery of its active constituents. In addition, each extract has an affinity for a different organ or system of the body, providing that organ with protection from free radical onslaught.

Pycnogenol protects the collagen, connective tissue and joints; milk thistle, the liver; quercentin, the mast cells of the nasopharanx region and all mucous membranes; Ginkgo, the brain and circulatory system; Green tea, the nervous system.

Recommended use:
As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 1-3 times daily, or as recommended by a physician.


AMB68 - 60 caps

Glutathione is known to be important to chemical detoxification functions. In its reduced form, glutathione also enables direct elimination of peroxides. This high-quality, ultra-pure product is offered in a high potency capsule.

Recommended use:
As a dietary supplement take 1 capsule daily or as directed by a physician.


AMB08 - 90 tabs
AMB09 - 180 tabs

AMB095 - 500 tabs
AMB096 - 8 oz powder

 Go to an additional information page on Inf-zyme Forte

Inf-zyme Forte is a specific combination of enzymes (proteolytic), anti-oxidants, and co-factors.  Proteolytic enzymes assist in the digestion of protein, carbohydrates, and fat when taken within 1 hour after meals.  These proteolytic enzymes are normally found in the alkaline pH of the small intestine. Their absence is associated with multiple food allergies and endocrine imbalances. 

Its clinical utilization at the American Biologics Hospital in Mexico has demonstrated proteolytic enzymes to be highly effective in the down-regulation of short-term and long-term tissue degradation in diffuse sites in the body when taken in high doses between meals. In this case, the enzymes pass directly into the blood, are transported to damaged tissues, and produce benefits without the side effects 
associated with NSAID medications.

Inf-zyme Forte promoted in the book:
Prescription for Nutritional Healing

from page:  62-63

Inf-zyme Forte from American Biologics is a combination of enzymes and antioxidants for people requiring supplemental digestive enzymes to aid in the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. 

It may also be helpful for chronic or acute inflammation. Its ingredients include amylase, bromelain, catalase, chymotrypsin, L-cysteine, lipase, pancreatin, papain, rutin, superoxide dismutase, trypsin, and zinc. 

If taken as a digestive aid, the recommended dosage is 1 to 3 tablets following each meal;  if you use it for other purposes, such as illness, inflammation, and/or injury, take 3 to 6 tablets one hour before each meal or between meals. 

Inf-Zyme Forte may be taken by persons on sodium-restricted diets.


Refrigeration recommended.

Recommended use:
As a dietary supplement take 1-3 tablets daily with meals or 3-6 up to 3 times daily on an empty stomach or as directed by a physician.


The powder form of proteolytic enzymes in a water soluble formula is easily tolerated and is in a pleasant tasting form suitable for seniors and children who may have trouble with swallowing tablets. It can also be rectally inserted.

Refrigeration recommended.

Recommended use:
As an adult dietary supplement take 1-3 teaspoons in 2 ounces of distilled water, once or more daily or as directed by a physician.

A Note From Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98 

Pair Inflazyme Forte with Oxy-5000 Forte
(a super anti-oxidant)
for a maximum synergistic combination:

AMB07 - 90 tabs
AMB05 - 180 tabs
Click here to see information on Oxy-5000 Forte


AMB46 - 90 soft gels

Super Omega EPA/DHA provides ultra pure omega-3 EPA and DHA in high potency, synergized with diverse tocopherols and carotenoids, cell membrane antioxidants to guard against breakdown to harmful free radicals during absorption.

The American Heart Association, European professional associations along the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration all have acknowledged that EPA and DHA - long chain omega-3 fatty acids - protect the heart and circulation. These functionally synergistic, vitamin-like nutrients protect all the cells and tissues against inappropriate tissue breakdown or proliferation, through providing prostaglandins and other messenger substances for anti-inflammatory balance. They are cell membrane building blocks, crucial to efficient metabolism yet lacking from the modern diet.

This formulation urgently complements multivitamin-mineral supplements, which lacks these crucial omega-3 fatty acids and often are poorly balanced in these key antioxidants. Super Omega EPA/DHA belongs in everyone's core nutritional program.

Recommended use:
3-6 softgels per day with meals, or as directed by a physician.


AMB14 - 90 tabs

Pure raw Thyroid tissue from healthy cattle.

Tissues processed by low temperature Lyophilization by Sublimation to insure rawness and preserve natural constituents.

Recommended Use:
As a dietary supplement take 1 or more tablets daily or as directed by a physician.

A Note From Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98 

Thyroid is a very popular product...

When there was a shortage going around of this product at the end of the year 2000 - we were getting calls from all over the country, and hearing stories about people who were "desperate" to get this product back in their bodies.


AMB25 - 100 caps

* In a biologically active vegetable culture

A mineral considered important for restoring psychological balance, yet toxic if taken long term, in high amounts and in the wrong form. The culture-derived formula we offer is a low dose lithium that is readily utilized by the body. Lithium may be beneficial in regulating neurotransmitter balance, and may also contribute to liver support.

Recommended use:
As a dietary supplement take 1-3 capsules daily or as directed by a physician.


AMB26 - 90 tabs

Selenium is important for cardiac function and joint health, as it endows flexibility and strength to these tissues. It is an essential trace mineral that activates GSH (Glutathione Peroxidase) which helps detoxify xenobiotics (chemicals not normally found in living organisms).

Recommended use:

As a dietary supplement take 1 tablet daily or as directed by a physician.


AMB11 - 90 caps

A viable blend of L. acidophilus and B. bifidum
Each capsule contains over 2.5 billion total live organisms (50% L. acidophilus (DDS-1),  50% L. bifidus)

Bio-Dophilus Complex is designed to build the flora of the entire GI tract. Acidophilus and S. Faecium implant in the small intestine, whereas Bifidus is found more commonly in the colon, or large intestine. These colonies of friendly bacteria have an interdependent relationship with fatty acid chains in the gut and the production and absorption of B vitamins and minerals. They aid in the more complete digestion of lactose and help reduce the severity of urinary and undesired vaginal micro-organisms.

Recommended use:
1 to 3 capsules daily with food or as directed by a physician.

Refrigeration recommended.


AMB10 - 14 oz powder (400 grams)

This dairy free complex has a base of whey and lactose, a medium in which beneficial bacteria thrive and easily implant themselves into the GI tract. Bifidus/lactobacteria can be taken orally or rectally to displace harmful and fungal organisms, as well as to correct the pH of the bowel, providing extremely useful in any health rebuilding program.

Bio-Bifidus - A naturally stabilized blend of L. acidophilus, L. bifidus. - 14 oz.  
Each gram contains a guaranteed potency of over 1 billion total live organisms at time of usage as follows:  L. bifidus (80%), L. acidophilus (DDS-1) (20%).

Recommended use:
Thoroughly mix one tablespoon or more powder with 3 oz of lukewarm water.
Drink mixture once daily after meals the first three days.
Then two to three times daily after meals, or as directed by a physician.

Regrigeration recommended.


AMB53 - 2 oz powder (56.70 grams)

Micro-Plex is American Biologics' most complete non-dairy, broad-spectrum probiotic, combining species of health promoting microorganisms. This product provides an excellent complementary and supplementary role to enhance health and balance in the intestines. The strains of this culture have been grown in a dairy-free natural medium, and are herbally stabilized before and after freeze-drying with high-grade natural stabilizers.

Recommend use:
As a dietary supplement take 1/4 teaspoon with or after meals, 1-3 times a day or as directed by a physician.

Refrigeration recommended.


Picture coming soon...

AMB50 - 90 chewables

Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophiles are beneficial microorganisms found in healthy intestine. Acidophiles supplies these organisms and therewith helps maintain a desirable balamce in the intestinal flora. A favorite for children as it has a pleasant natural raspberry flavor while delivering high counts of live organisms.

Recommended use:
As a dietary supplement chew 1-2 tablets after every meal or as directed by a physician.

Refrigeration recommended.


AMB13 - 1 oz bottle

This was and still may be the only oral liquid glycyrrhizin product on the market. Glycyrrhizin (derived from licorice) has been helpful with viruses as it exhibits a natural nontoxic cortisone-like effect.

Glycyrrhizin has been employed at American Biologics Hospital in Mexico to help manage tissue overloads from viruses and Candida. It has been reported to inhibit histamine release from antigen-stimulated mast cells, thereby making it an important tool in the management of intolerance. Pleasant tasting. This product works well synergistically with American Biologics products Sub-Adrene & Taurine Plus.

Recommend use:
As a dietary supplement take 5-20 drops up to 3 times daily or as directed by a physician.


AMB01 - 1 oz

 Go to additional information page on Dioxychlor

Dioxychlor is a natural antibiotic that kills bacteria by supplying generous amounts of oxygen to anaerobes, which are organisms that do not require oxygen for growth and may even die in its presence. It is an effective antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal product. By administrating Dioxychlor, the immune system is assisted in carrying out the normal body process of defense against invading microorganisms, with little or no toxicity to normal tissues.
Dioxychlor is a special formulated homeopathic dilution of oxidized natrium chloride containing biologically important trace minerals. This product contains no sugar, starch, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and is yeast, corn, rice, milk and gluten-free.

This is American Biologics' proprietary and well researched oxidizing agent.
DC-3 has little or no stimulation of the free radical cascade, and is an excellent support to the treatment of intracellular viral states, Candida albicans, environmental toxicity, etc. 

Dioxychlor is highly recommended in a number of well-known books on nutrition, including The Prescription for Nutritional Healing, by Dr. James & Phyllis Balch, and Holistic Protocol for the Immune System, by Scott Gregory.

Recommend use:
Recommended use may vary. Sensitive individuals may start with 1 or 2 drops and build up to 20 drops. Others may take up to 40 drops. We have a number of research papers available on oxidizing agents.

Research studies from around the world indicate that the product is extremely
effective when used on the following conditions:

• Gum inflammation (periodontis)
• Candida Albicans
• Immune System Problems

Other uses for Dioxychlor:

• Inhibits the growth of disease and bacteria in water:
Add 10 drops per gallon of water

• Insect bites:
Saturate a small piece of cotton or cloth and place on bite.

• Cuts
Put a few drops directly on cut.

• Preserve Freshness of milk:
Add 20 drops per quart. Milk stays fresh 3-4 weeks

• Food Poisoning/ Amebic Dysentary or Diarrhea

• Bacteria Contamination on Food(vegetables, seafood, poultry, pork):
Add 60 drops(3ml) to a gallon of water. Soak food for 10-15 seconds.
When water becomes dirty, filter through an unbleached coffee filter and re-use.
Keep water out of direct sunlight

Usage and dosage:

Sub lingual: 5-10 drops, one to three times daily, under the tongue, holding for 1 minute before swallowing.

Oral: From 5-10 drops in 3 oz of water. Should sever "die off" occur (Hexheimer reaction, which may cause nausea and diarrhea), decrease dosage to patient tolerance. Once to two times per day, based on patient tolerance.

Vaginal Douche: 40 drops in 3 oz (4droppers) of distilled water. (Optionally you may add approximately 6-8 drops fresh lemon juice to acidify.) Retain 3 minutes. After 1 hour, use retention douche of 3 oz of distilled water with approximately 3 tbs of Bio-Bifidus blended to the consistency of cream (to replenish flora).
Raise hips on a pillow in a relaxed postion for 20 minutes.)

Rectal: Generally the same as Vaginal Douche protocol, but do not use lemon juice.

Nasal Douche: Add 30 drops to 1 oz of distilled water. Stir and sniff 1 dropper full of dilute solution in each nostril and repeat 1 minute later. Gargle with balance of solution and then expectorate. One to three times per day.

Ear: The same solution as Nasal Douche protocol. Use dropper to put one dropper of dilute solution while tilting head.

Mouthwash: 20-40 drops in 3 oz of water, retain and agitate for 2 minutes, then expectorate. For thrush, canker sores, etc. three times a day until symptoms abate. 1 to 3 drops full strength may be put directly on canker sores.

Topically: Put directly on finger and toe nails and skin lesions. Not recommended for face.


AMB02 - 2 oz

Perhaps the most well-known ingredient in Oxy-C2 moisturizing gel is Dioxychlor. It is a natural moisturizer that also not only oxygenates the skin, but helps give it the same protective and healing qualities as Dioxychlor.

This topical preparation of Dioxychlor is for external use only, to be applied to skin areas affected by ringworm, athlete's foot, nail fungus, abrasions or cuts, etc. Oxy-C2 gel works well synergisticly  with the American Biologics product Panoderm Forte.


AMB63 - 120 caps

* Enhances immune system vigilance
* Boosts immune cell proliferation and activity
* Supports multiple organ functions and well being

ImmunoGylans Advanced is based on a large body of clinical research on the benefits of branched complex polysaccharides - especially beta-glucans and proteoglycans - for immune system competence and for whole body health. Ultra potent mycelial extracts from eight prized mushrooms species are rationally matched to generate balanced immune enhancement and potant pro-homeostatic support for the other organs.

These organically grown, zero-aluminum extracts supply 1,3- 1,4- and 1,6- beta-D-glucan molecules along with protein-glucan complexes (proteoglycans) featuring 3-dimensional shapes. Dendritic cell vigilance becomes sharpened, killer cells and other immune cells proliferate, cell to cell immune coordination is improved. The mushroom immunoglycans act in synergy with the many additional nutrients, minerals, and macro-molecular structures of their mycelial extracts, resulting in safe and effective homeostatic support for intestinal, liver, circulatory, lung, and brain health, and an overall boost to vitality and wellbeing.

Recommended use:
2 capsules 2 times per day with meals. Intakes up to 12 capsuled per day may be indicated, for additional benefit or as directed by a physician.


AMB67 - 1 fl. oz

Sub- Adrene is a sublingual form of adrenal cortex that is quickly absorbed. The cortex of adrenal gland has a particular anti-stress, pro-homeostatic effect and for persons with auto-immune imbalance, is sometimes more valuable than taking the whole gland. Also, excellent in weaning individuals from cortisone drugs. From bovine source.

Recommended Use:  As a dietary supplement take one (1) dropperful (15 drops) per day, or as directed by a physician
Hold under tongue 3 minutes before swallowing.

Supplement Facts         

Each 15 drops contain:  
% DV

Adrenal Cortex Extract

20 mg

Other ingredients:
 Sodium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, purified water.


AMB19 - 1 oz

Originally discovered in 1827, taurine has been greatly under-appreciated. Its full potential as a dietary supplement has only recently been recognized. A major sulfur amino acid, taurine's role as a protector of the cell membrane from oxidative attack is just becoming known.
"Natural Killer" (NK) white cells are reinvigorated by taurine, as are macrophages, which in the presence of taurine, release interleukin-1 (IL-1).

Taurine can benefit nervous system function, including random electrical activity. It can be beneficial to the heartbeat, retina, and immune system.

Recommended use:
As a dietary supplemtn, 15-30 drops under the tongue twice daily.
Hold under tongue 2 minutes before swallowing.


AMB64 - 1 fl. oz

* Micellized with beta-carotene

Vitamin A Micellized may be beneficial in restoring the integrity of the gastrointestinal lining, supporting retinal integrity and function, for skin problems, and for lung conditions due to its protective effect on epithelial cell sheets. The micellized form of Vitamin A (mimics a water soluble form) assures superior absorption as compared to an oil suspension or emulsified form.

Recommended use:
As a dietary supplemt take 1 drop in your favorite beverage daily, or as directed by a physician.   

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The Purifying Program
100% Natural Herbal Nutrition

AMB22 - Colon Cleanse Detoxify
90 tabs
AMB23 - Whole Body Cleanse Detoxify
300 tabs


AMB78  120 caps

The connective tissues are the packing matrix for all the body’s cells, tissues, and organs. Connective tissues underlie the skin, and are the foundations for the joints, vertebral discs, walls of the blood vessels, bones, and countless other supporting and hardened tissues. Cumulative damage to the body’s connective tissues can markedly affect quality of life. The nutrients in this formulation are clinically proven, either for the enzyme pathways that renew connective tissue or to help protect connective tissues from degeneration due to environmental factors or intrinsic processes gone awry. Connexin promotes connective tissue renewal of the joint linings and the integrity of the intervertebral discs.

SERVING SIZE: 4 Capsules
Glucosamine sulfate 250 mg
N-acetyl glucosamine 450 mg
Chondroitin sulfate 50 mg
Hawthorn extract, standardized 400 mg
Proanthocyanidin flavonoids (grapeseed) 10 mg
L-Proline (amino acid) 100 mg
L-Lysine (amino acid) 100 mg
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine as hydrochlor) 12 mg
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid from beet) 350 mg
Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol) 125 IU
Magnesium (as citrate) 100 mg
Calcium (as citrate) 25 mg
Zinc (as citrate) 12 mg
Copper(as gluconate) 1 mg
Silicon (as horsetail extract 4x) 20 mg
Manganese (as citrate) 5 mg
Boron (as citrate) 3 mg
Selenium (as sodium selenite, selenium)150 mcg
Molybdenum (as sodium molybdate) 500 mcg
Bromelain (600 GDU) 25 mg
Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.
Free of sugar, starch, salt, yeast, corn, rice, milk, gluten, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Take 2 capsules two times per day with meals, or as directed by a physician.



AMB69  120 caps

Hepa Trope IITM promotes renewal and healing of the human liver, an organ currently facing toxic threat to a degree unparalleled in human history. The liver is exposed to “first-pass” levels of toxins: From the intestines, directly into the liver, come chemicals foreign to the body (“xenobiotics”), “lifestyle” chemicals, foodborne toxins, infectious organisms, pharmaceuticals, and other agents threatening to life. While facing the greatest risk of toxic damage, the liver also is the body’s workhorse organ; therefore its nutritional support is important to good health and continued survival.

Four (4) capsules contain: % DV
SiliphosTM bioavailable Milk Thistle Extract......……....240 mg N/A
PhosphatidylCholine (PC), phospholipid..….…..……..295 mg N/A
Phosphatidyl-Ethanolamine, - Inositol……......……….140 mg N/A
Dandelion root, 12:1 concentrate from Draco…...……..100mg N/A
Trimethylglycine/betaine………………………...……..100mg N/A
Glutathione ("reduced glutathione")…………..…………50mg N/A
NAC (N-AcetylCysteine)……………………..………..200mg N/A
alpha-Lipoic acid……………………………..….……..300mg N/A
L-glycine………………………………………....……..100mg N/A
Taurine…………………………………………...……1000mg N/A
L-glutamine……………………………………..….…...200mg N/A
Pyridoxine/B6…………………………….……….……...25mg 1250%
Magnesium (as citrate)………………………….….…….50mg 12%
Molybdenum (sodium molybdate)…………….….…....100mcg 133%


 Ultra Osteo Synergy

AMB79  90 caps 

Bone is the scaffolding upon which the entire body is constructed. Strong bone allows for the body architecture that is consistent with proper organ distribution and good health, while weak bone endangers health through compromising the body's flexibility and increasing the risk of fracture with its attendant consequences.
Dietary supplementation is appropriate for bone support, because bone is as much living tissue as are the body's other tissues. Bone is continuously being renewed and remodeled to suit the body's needs; the measured bone density is a dynamic outcome of the balance between bone breakdown and bone renewal. The nutrients in this formulation are clinically proven to support the laying down of new bone and retard bone loss.

Osteo Synergy provides the intakes necessary for clinical effectiveness while optimizing nutrient bioavailability, safety, and tolerability. It promotes bone renewal also by providing Ipriflavone, a substance proven to facilitate net bone mass addition.

Free of: Yeast, wheat, corn, soy, egg, milk, gluten, rice, sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, artificial color, flavors, hormones, or antibiotics.

Melatonin (sublingual)

AMB72   30 tabs

A sublingual tablet form of the pineal hormone, featuring pure melatonin with synergists. Known to induce sleep naturally, melatonin regulates our bodys clock, demonstrates adaptogenic properties, high antioxidant activity and immunesupporting capacities. From a non-animal source.

Melatonin.................................3 mg
Vitamin B-6...............................6 mg
Niacin (Vitamin B-3)......................5 mg
Natural Orange Base......................40 mg*
*orange juice solids concentrate--no sugar added.

RECOMMENDED USE: As a dietary supplement dissolve 1-2 tablets in mouth 20 minutes prior to desired bedtime or as directed by a physician.



Please email us & let us know if you have any other requests for American Biologics products.

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Melatonin complex (sublingual formula)
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OXY - 5000 Forte
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OXY - 5000 Forte
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Selenium Forte
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Sub-Adrene (Adrenal Cortex Extract)
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Super B Caps
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Super Omega EPA/DHA
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Taurine Plus
1 oz fluid
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Vitamin A   
1 oz fluid
Micellized Vitamin E  while supply last
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Colon Cleanse Detoxify
90 caps
120 caps
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Whole Body Cleanse Detoxify
300 caps
Ultra Osteo Synergy
90 caps