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Last Updated: 11/28/2011
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Chyawanprash Ayurvedic Tonic
by Himalayan Institute

DAB13 - 1.1 lb - $17.99
Himalayan Institute Chyawanprash Ayurvedic Tonic

A Traditional Ayurvedic tonic for antioxidant support, stress reduction & rejuvenation*

Chyawanprash is complex herbal formula that has a jam like consistency and a history of use as a tonic
and strong rejuvenator for more than 2,000 years. The combination of the 36 selected herbs and fruits along with 4 food ingredients in this nutritionally rich tonic has traditionally been used to enhance general health, increase mental and physical energy, and support the body's natural resistance to disease. The principle herb in Chyawanprash, Amla fruit (Amalaki) is one of the worlds most concentrated sources of naturally occurring Vitamin C, and works   with the other carefully selected ingredients to create a powerful and effective rejuvenating tonic and antioxidant. Regular consumption of Chyawanprash is believed to rejuvenate and fortify both the mind and body and is beneficial to people of all ages and constitutions.

    Benefits of Chyawanprash:
  • Considered to be the “multi-vitamin/mineral” of classical Ayurveda
  • Traditionally used for centuries to increase immune support and recovery time from illness while reducing stress
  • Chyawanprash comprises approximately half of all herbal supplements sold in India
  • Only fresh Amla berry is used not dried powdered fruit
  • Each batch lot has been lab tested & analyzed for purity
  • Contains no preservatives, and is completely natural with no synthetic additives or ingredients
  • Prepared according to traditional methods at a state of the art production facility which is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified Chyawanprash is based on a 2,000 year old formula, as described in an ancient Ayurvedic text.
The synergy of 36 selected herbs and fruits in this nutritive tonic has traditionally been used to enhance
general health, increase energy, and support the body's natural resistance to disease. The principle active herb,
Amla fruit (Amalaki) which is one of the world's most concentrated sources of Vitamin C, works with other
ingredients to create a powerful and effective antioxidant. Regular ingestion of Chyawanprash is believed
to rejuvenate and fortify both the mind and body and is beneficial to people of all ages.


Ayurveda views our bodies as being organized into two interactive systems.

The first is a set of three body energies, or Doshas, that must be kept in balance. They are: Vata (the air or movement principle), Pitta (the fire or metabolism principle), and Kapha (the water or structure principle). 

The second system is the seven constructing elements of the body, or Dhatus
The Dhatus are like building blocks the body uses to build itself.
They are:
1) plasma (with nutrients from food)

2) blood cells and tissues
3) muscles
4) fat
5) bones
6) bone marrow and nerve tissue
7) reproductive fluids

Each Dhatu is considered to be the result from digestive transformation of the proceeding Dhatu, with the aid of the Pitta or metabolic energy. The body stays healthy if these basic building blocks (Dhatu) are strong and healthy. The defense system of the body remains powerful and diseases cannot invade the body. Chavanaprash is specifically designed to nourish the seven Dhatus and balance the three Doshas, or body energies. It does this both directly, by providing nutrients, and indirectly, by toning the digestive, respiratory, and glandular system that provide and control the Dhatus and Doshas.

Pregnant women and people with gastric ulcers, acidic urine, watery stools, excess stomach gas or nocturnal discharge problems should consult with an Ayurvedic doctor before taking Chavanaprash. Chavanaprash could be useful in conjunction with other Ayurvedic remedies in these cases, but is not appropriate taken alone. ** Not for Diabetics **


Chavanaprash (pronounced Chai' van Prash' and spelled many different ways) is a marvelous fruit and herb tonic that has been passed from generations to generations for more than 5000 years. It is probably the most complete herbal tonic in the world. It may also be the most flavorful way to wake up ever created!

Chavanaprash starts with Amala, or Indian Gooseberry (Amblica officianalis, N.O. Euphorbiaceae). Amala has a special form of Vitamin C that is stable even when heated. One Amala fruit has as much C as three to six lemons. It is also a good source of fiber, and it has a tart, bracing flavor. Prime quality Chavanaprash provides 50 to 60 herbs, extracts and minerals along with the Amala.
These ingredients cover the whole spectrum of Ayurvedic
herbalism, addressing a broad range of health issues.

The preparation of Chavanaprash starts with boiling the Amala fruit and many of the herbs for a long time. Then they are sauteed in ghee, or clarified butter while adding more herbs. This blends the flavors and essences, and helps stabilize the ingredients. Next more herbs and minerals are added. Finally dehydrated sugar cane juice and honey are added, to activate the energies of the body
(Ayurvedic physicians consider dehydrated cane juice to be a
totally different thing than refined sugar!).

This is a health giving product, full of minerals, and not depleting when used correctly. The Indian word for it is jaggery.

The origins of Chavanaprash

The recipe for Chavanaprash was said to have been given to a great sage, Chyavana, by the Ashvinikumaras (physicians to the gods). When Chyavana was a very old man, the king gave him his young daughter Sukanya in marriage. With her help, Chyavana got the Ashvinikumaras to give him the secrets of rejuvenation. After a year of cleansing and rebuilding practices that included eating Chavanaprash, as well as yoga, meditation, and fasting, Chyavana recovered his lost youth and was able to have a long and happy marriage with the princess Sukanya. Chyavana became one of the founding fathers of Ayurveda, which means "knowledge of life", or the science of longevity.

Chavanaprash in modern times

With a wonderful reputation as well as a totally unique, stimulating flavor,Chavanaprash has become the favorite tonic in India. Millions, perhaps hundreds of millions of Indians take it daily. Families make it in their homes and Ayurvedic pharmacies prepare it for sale.

The government of India has been sponsoring, medical research and the education of Ayurvedic physicians in about 100 colleges. There are already over 300,000 Ayurvedic doctors. Together, the research and training are creating a revival of Ayurveda after several centuries of neglect caused by invaders who tried to destroy the ancient religion and lifestyle.

Modern research methods have been used to evaluate the effects of Ayurvedic remedies such as Chavanaprash. This research has often validated the Ayurvedic theory behind the remedies, as well as identifying their actions in Western terms.

In Ayurveda, Chavanaprash is the most important of the Rasayanas. Rasayanas are special combinations of fruits and herbs designed to open the mind, spirit and senses, strengthen and cleanse the body, and fortify the immune system. In fact, the name Rasayana means food that keeps old age and disease away.

Chavanaprash provides nutrition and tonification to the nervous, endocrine and reproductive systems. It can also assist in weight control. It will stimulate the appetite of underweight people, and enhance metabolism and energy conversion in overweight people, if eaten regularly. It is also given to people recovering from chronic lung conditions such as tuberculosis and pneumonia,
to help build strength back up and support the respiratory process. Its most common use, however, is as a tonic to help maintain health.

By stimulating the whole body, directly or indirectly, through the flavors as well as the toning properties of the herbs, Chavanaprash encourages the body to become strengthened and invigorated. Chavanaprash is designed to be used for rebuilding after a complex purging and cleansing process. Even without the rigors of a complete purification, however, Chavanaprash can produce similar results over the course of a year or so. Of course, it is important to practice a healthy lifestyle if you don't want to be going one step forward and two steps back all the time.

Directions for use:

Ayurveda recommends taking Chavanaprash twice daily with a cap of scalded cow or goat milk. People on a milk-free diet can eat it with water or herb tea or grain beverage. Adults start with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon and work up to one to three teaspoons per serving.
Children should take 1/2 teaspoon or less per serving.
The milk may be taken at the same time, to soften the flavors, or up to fifteen minutes after taking the Chavanaprash.

Milk balances the spiciness, and carries the nutrients through the body.
Goat milk is less mucus-forming than cow's milk, and it is the ideal companion for Chavanaprash.

Dietary Recommendations:

To get the most value from Chavanaprash, the diet should emphasize fruits, vegetables, whole grains, ghee (clarified butter), lean meats such as seafood and poultry if you are not a vegetarian, and dairy products if you are not sensitive to them.

Foods to avoid are very pungent, spicy food such as chilies, hot sausages, acidic foods, vinegar and pickles, white flour, white sugar,  and white salt,  and coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco. With regular use Chavanaprash - even in the modern age - you can enjoy good health and long life, following the ancient path of Ayurveda.

KML01 - 500 grams - $32.95

Each Teaspoon of Praas contains:

Emblica officinalis (Indian gooseberry), Honey, Sugarcane concentrate, Clarified Butter (Ghee), Withania somnifera (Winter cherry), Curcuma zedoaria (Zedoary), Boerhavia diffusa (Spreading hogweed), Terminalia chebula (Myrobalan), Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom), Cyperus rotundus (Nutgrass), Tribulus terrestris (Caltrops), Asparagus racemosus (Indian asparagus), Leptadenia reticulata, Piper longum (Long pepper), Pterocarpus santalinus ( Sandalwood), Phylanthus urinaria, Adhatoda vasica (Malabar nut), Aquilaria agallocha (Aloe wood), Vitis vinifera (grapes), Aegle marmelos (Bael), Tinospora cordilfolia ( Indian tinospora), Nelembium speciosium (Indian lotus), Desmodium gangeticum, Clerodendrum phlomidis (Wind killer), Oroxylum indicum , Phaseolus trilobus (Wild kidney beans), Teramnus labialis , Solanum indicum (Egg plant), Glycyrrhiza glabra (Liquorice), Zingiber officinale (Dry ginger), Hemidesmus indicus (Indian sarsaparilla), Rhus succedanea (Galls), Corchorus fascicularis, Desmodium laxiflorum, Dioscorea sativa (Asiatic yam), Uraria picta, Stereospermum chelenio, Inula tacemosa , Herpestis monniera (Brahmi), Evolvulus alsinoides, Asclepias curassavica, Sida cordifolia, Pistacia integerrima, Solanum xanthocarpum, Gmelina arborea, Stereospermum suaveolens, Bambusa bambos (Bamboo camphor), Cinnamomum tamala (Indian Bay leaf), Cinnamomum verum (cinnamon),
Mesua ferra (Cobra’s saffron).
Praas (Chyawanprash) is a 4000 year old herbal tonic. It is valued in Ayurveda for its profound anti-aging attributes.
A strong energizer and immunity booster, it promotes detoxification, healthy digestive function and cholesterol levels.
The complex mixture is made of fresh Amalaki with 40 herbs and spices. It creates a potent synergy that promotes youth, vigor and vitality.
Praas is made according to the original Chyawanprash formula.


                                  Ayurvedic Drachsha Revitalizer
LOT03 - 4 oz - $8.95

Drachsha is a digestive and herbal revitalizer. It makes digestion and elimination more efficient, thereby detoxifying, cleansing, and toning the tissues. It improves energy by increasing absorption of nutrients and stimulates the body to increase its natural flow of digestive juices instead of replacing them with enzymes.

Replacement of enzymes, according to Ayurveda, stops the body's natural production of them. Ayurveda believes that the body heals itself and our herbs are to stimulate the body's natural processes. Traditionally, Drachsha was used for low energy especially after eating, for slight constipation, to reduce sweet cravings,
to reduce weight, to improve skin luster and complexion.

Tastes delicious.
Note: It is a fermented liquid and has a small amount of self-generated alcohol.

Take:  1-2 tablespoons after meals.

Grape juice, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander, Cumin, Fennel, Ginger, 
Mace, Nutmeg, Oregano, Black Pepper, Long Pepper, Saffron, Tumeric.

Herbal Zap
Immune Support

zap01 - Box of 10 - $10.99
zap02 - Box of 25 - $24.00
zap02 - Box of 10 - $10.99

Herbal Zap works best when taken at the first signs your immune or respiratory system is feeling a challenge.

At these times, we recommend pouring 2 packets into a cup of hot water and slowly sipping so your body has a chance to fully assimilate the power of the Zap.

Herbal Zap works according to the principles of Ayurveda, restoring balance to the vital energies, doshas, increasing Agni, “inner-fire”, and promoting a positive state of health.

Herbal Zap contains 14 potent Ayurvedic herbs. The ingredients are wild gathered wherever possible and always herbicide and pesticide free.

The descriptions below tell you what’s in Herbal Zap and the use for each herb in the traditional system of Ayurveda.

The Herbal Zap Ritual

  • Select a cup that is pleasing to your eye and touch
  • Heat water until it is nearing a boil
  • Shake the packet to alert your ears to the goodness that your body shall soon receive.
  • Tear open the top of the packet
  • Pour the golden granules of goodness into the cup
  • Add the steamy water and stir
  • Now take a moment and deeply inhale the healing aroma of the spices
  • Slowly sip the zesty Herbal Zap allowing the full flavor of the herbal goodness to expand on your palate bringing healing support to your system!

Ayur Dehi!

Sanskrit for “May health be given to you!”


Herbal Zap also is a wonderful addition to a cup of tea, creating a spicy chai. It instantly adds zest and extra health benefits to any hot beverage.

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Herbal Zap - Immune Support
10 packets

Herbal Zap - Immune Support
25 packets

DAB13 CHYAWANPRAS - Himalayan Institute
1.1 LB
$17.99 $16.95
AYURBEST PRAAS  not available
500 grams
DRACHSHA         not available
4 oz
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8 oz

30 grams

30 grams

30 grams