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KM001 - 32 oz
KM0011 - 120 caps

* Increases the body’s vital strength
* Supports youthfulness and performance
* Unique mineral formula with a proprietary blend of herbal extracts
* Oxygenates the blood, eliminates toxins and balances the acidity level (pH level)
* Improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food (bioavailability) by fulfilling the body’s potassium requirements
* Gives the body the ability to respond with renewed levels of vital force, energy and most of all, profound

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KM - Matol was discovered in 1922 by Karl Jurak. It is a unique natural liquid herbal formula that works together with the body's systems to enhance general health and well being.
This potassium mineral supplement is prepared by a special process from a combination of minerals and extracts of traditional botanical plant flowers, foliage, roots and barks (contains 350mg (15ml) of potassium per serving of 1 tablespoon). It enters the bloodstream when held briefly in the mouth, and feeds the blood cells oxygen throughout the bloodstream to all parts of the body.

Why did Dr. Jurak choose the ingredients he did?

The plants used to make KM were chosen for the specific active ingredients that occur naturally in each one. After a dedicated search for a natural solution to common challenges, Dr. Jurak determined the exact combination of ingredients which would yield the result he desired. Every ingredient is vital to the product's performance. The formula is still produced in its purest form, exactly as Dr. Jurak intended it, with the same remarkable benefits.

Do you make any claims about product results?

Although KM is classified as a therapeutic product in Canada, no therapeutic claims can be made, and we strictly enforce this policy with off of our Distributors. However, we do believe people can benefit from KM in many ways, and we are confident enough to offer a 30 day guarantee.

Why is KM considered a therapeutic preparation in Canada
and a food supplement in the United States?

Many countries have different criteria for classifying products. What is considered a food in one country may be considered something completely different in another. When KM is introduced to another country, the classification may be different again.

In Canada, the Ministry of Health and Welfare classifies the KM product as a therapeutic preparation. Consequently, KM Botanical International Ltd. is required to print a DIN (drug identification number) on the bottle. In the U.S., Km is classified as a food supplement and does not require official FDA approval , just as a loaf of bread or a quart of milk does not require approval. The FDA does closely monitor the production and distribution of food products in the United States to ensure safety and quality. They determine labeling (what is said about the product on the label) and if any of the product ingredients are unsafe.

Is there anything in KM that would work against a person's medication?
None of the natural ingredients in KM have been found to have any effect at all on regular medication. If any contra-indications were present, Health and Welfare Canada would require us to list them on the bottle. No such indications exist.

However, DO NOT discontinue medication in any case without prior consent from your physician. If you are using medication, begin by taking KM in smaller amounts so your body can adjust. If you do experience any improvement in your well-being while taking the product, consult your doctor for direction on reducing medication, but do not stop taking medication on your own!

Should any secondary effects appear, they will be brief and will not be severe. Simply stop taking KM for a short period of time and begin again with a smaller amount. This allows your body to become accustomed to the formula and allows you to realize the full benefits of Dr. Jurak's discovery.

What is the suggested daily amount?
Based on 70 years of experience with KM, Dr. Jurak recommends one tablespoon twice a day, a total of 30 ml. However, each person's needs may be different based on weight, metabolism and level of activity. To determine the most effective level for you, try the first bottle of KM in different amounts.

The KM bottle lists a different amount according to Canadian regulations. In Canada, it is necessary to indicate the MAXIMUM daily intake on the bottle: two tablespoons twice a day, a total of 60 ml.

Remember each person is different, and should adjust the amount of KM they take according to their own needs.

Should everyone take the full amount of KM at first?
All people need nutrients in differing amounts. We recommend everyone try their first bottle of KM in varying amounts to determine their own needs and tolerances. Begin with a smaller amount mixed with milk, water or your favorite juice to allow your body to adjust to the formula. Older people taking prescribed medication and children under five years old should definitely start with less.

Is KM safe for children?

Yes! They should start with a small amount and gradually work up to one teaspoon per day. Many children like the preparation mixed with milk or juice, but they can take it undiluted. Always check with a health care professional when giving anything to young children and babies.

Can a woman take KM during pregnancy?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to continue taking KM during pregnancy, just as you continue eating bread or any other foodstuff. KM is based on a natural formula that has produced remarkable results for more than 70 years with no harmful side-effects.

What is the shelf life of the product?

In more than 70 years of experience, Dr. Karl Jurak has determined that KM remains safe for consumption indefinitely under normal conditions.

However, the Canadian government requires that an expiration date be printed on the bottle according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. No such date is required in the United States.

Where do the crystals at the bottom of the bottle come from,
and how do they affect the formula?

The botanical sediments in KM attract particles of minerals which form crystalline matter. The amount of crystals found in each bottle may vary. Generally, the deposits will nor form if a newly formulated bottle of product is shaken up on a regular basis.

In any case, the crystals do not in any way affect the preparation because they are simply inert material coming out of the solution. It takes some six to seven weeks before the crystals form.

If the bottle was kept long enough the crystals could include some active materials, such as calcium, but the amount would be insignificant.

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What is the mineral content of the product?
The mineral content is calculated as the equivalent amount in 15 ml or 1 tablespoon:

Potassium 350 mg/15ml
Iron 1.4 mg/15ml
Iodine 22.4 mcg/15ml

How much potassium is in KM?
KM contains 350 mg of potassium per 15ml (one tablespoon). This is approximately equivalent to the amount of potassium found in a large banana, eight ounces of fresh orange juice or half a cantaloupe. A therapeutic amount of potassium is 1500 to 4000 mg a day.

Are there vitamins in KM?

Beneficial vitamins occur naturally in some of the plant ingredients used to make KM. No vitamins are added.

Is there any sodium added to KM?

Absolutely no sodium is added to KM. Tiny trace amounts that may appear in KM occur naturally in the plant ingredients. However, the amount is insignificant. No additional sodium is added to the formula.

Does KM contain gluten?

KM does not contain gluten.

Why is Glycerin used in KM?
Karl Jurak used glycerin in his original formula to sweeten and smooth the taste of the raw botanicals. Studies have shown that glycerin is 55-75% as sweet as sucrose with absolutely no negative side effects. All KM products are made exclusively with non-animal glycerin for better nutritional benefits.

What are Glycerophosphate?

Glycerophosphates are a combination of natural elements joined in a chemical process that produces the final ingredient.

The potassium, ferric and magnesium glycerophosphates in KM are an integral part of the original formula discovered by Karl Jurak in 1922.

Does KM contain harmful amounts of potassium hydroxide?
KM does not contain harmful levels of potassium hydroxide, or any other substance. Health authorities in Canada and the United States have determined that KM is completely safe , simply reconfirming what Dr. Karl Jurak has known for more than 70 years.

Potassium hydroxide is a naturally occurring substance found in many plants, fruits and vegetables eaten by millions of people every day. Consumed in extremely large amounts it can be potentially dangerous, but the tiny trace amounts that occur in KM are harmless.

What is vanillin?
Vanillin is a derivative of a natural flavoring substance used to improve the taste of raw botanicals. It was originally an extract of vanilla beans and provides much the same flavor. Vanillin has also been found in many other vegetables and woody plants, including coniferous trees.

Are there any stimulants in KM?

There are no stimulants in KM.

Is KM pasteurized?

KM is not pasteurized, nor is it prepared under heat. A cold process is used to preserve ingredients included in the formula by Dr. Jurak.

How does freezing affect KM?
Freezing does not affect KM. The bottle could be frozen solid and thawed without having to be shaken before consumption. We leave approximately 50cc of headroom so the product is able to expand during freezing without bursting the bottle.

Does heat affect the product?

Heat does not affect KM. But we would advise you not to expose the product to extreme temperatures for extended periods of time because the sealed bottle may explode under increased pressure.

Has there been any medical research or double blind testing conducted on the product?

No tests other than those originally performed by Dr Karl Jurak in the process of discovering the KM formula have been performed. Dr. Jurak's conclusions were concrete, and further testing is not planned. However, KM has been tested in the finest laboratory in the world for over 70 years, the human body. And it continues to produce remarkable results!

What about people who have allergies associated with the ingredients in KM?

Some people may be seemingly allergic to some ingredients in KM, but few actually experience a reaction from the product. If possible allergies are anticipated, a person should start by using a smaller amount until any reactions can be identified. We recommend starting with approximately one teaspoon per day.

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- Decreases plasma cholesterol
- Decreases cholesterol absorption
- Increases excretion of bile acids and neutral steroids
- May reduce blood sugar levels
- Anti-fungal properties

- Inhibits platelet clumping
- Can lower prothrombin time



- Mild laxative
- Aids digestion
- Antiseptic
- Prevents tooth decay



- Sedative
- Anti-spasmodic
- Diuretic
- Hypotensive
- Lowers blood sugar (hypoglycemic)
- Anti-platelet clumping activity


- Anti-allergic
- Anti-flatulent
- Antispasmodic
- Mild sedative
- Anti-inflammatory
- Antiseptic
- Antibacterial
- Anti-ulcer properties

- Diuretic
- Mild anti-inflammatory
- Mild laxative
- Stimulates appetite




- Stimulates digestive juices and saliva
- Mild anti-inflammatory properties
- Combats mosquitoes




- Vasodilator
- Expectorant
- Antioxidant
- May normalize cardiac arrhythmias
- May reduce intestinal spasm
- Anti-inflammatory



- Antispasmodic
- Anti-inflammatory
- Laxative
- Soothing properties
- Anti-estrogenic
- Can inhibit the Epstein-Barr virus
- Significant antimicrobial activity
- Can accelerate peptic ulcer healing





- Sedative
- Antispasmodic
- Pain reliever
- Antibacterial
- Antifungal


- Anti-rheumatic
- Antiseptic
- Anti-rash
- Improves appetite
- Improves psoriasis
- Liver protection
- Anti-inflammatory

- May reduce benign prostatic hyperplasia
- Anti-inflammatory




- Expectorant
- Emetic activity
- Anti-inflammatory
- May be effective against graft rejection, eczema, psoriasis and multiple sclerosis


- Antispasmodic
- Anti-tussive
- Expectorant
- Anti-flatulent
- Astringent
- Antibacterial
- Stimulates saliva

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Vital K Original w/Magnesium

FUB01  16 oz   14.95
Original Vital KŪ with Magnesium by FUTUREBIOTICS

For centuries, cultures have recognized the value of herbs for their remarkable energizing, tonic and adaptogenic benefits.
More recently, modern science has established the importance of minerals. Now Futurebiotics combines the best of old-world herbal tradition with the findings of modern nutritional science to create Vital KŪ. Vital KŪ supplements the diet with Magnesium, Potassium and Iron in a unique blend of 16 traditional herbs.

Magnesium is required for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It is used to help maintain muscles, nerves, and bones and plays a role in normal blood pressure and heart rhythm. It is also used in energy metabolism and protein synthesis. Vital KŪ supplies 60 mg. of magnesium per tablespoon. Potassium is a metallic element that is essential to numerous body functions such as regulation of blood pressure, water content in cells, transmission of nerve impulses, digestion, muscle contraction, and heartbeat. It also plays a vital role in electrolyte replacement. Vital KŪ supplies 293 mg. of Potassium per tablespoon. Iron is a mineral that plays a role in the transport of oxygen by the blood and can help increase energy. Each tablespoon of Vital KŪ supplies 6 mg of Iron.

Vital KŪ includes a proprietary blend of botanicals that are highly regarded in many cultures. Each tablespoon of Vital KŪ includes 1287 mg. of this unique blend that includes: Chamomile, Sarsaparilla, Dandelion, Korean Ginseng, Celery, Alfalfa and Horehound, to name just a few. Together these herbs and minerals help support good health and energy.
Vital KŪ does not contain caffeine that often triggers the jitters or other unpleasant side affects.

Vital KŪ is 100% vegetarian and delivered in a convenient liquid dosage form, employing purified water. The liquid dosage facilitates quick absorption and utilization of the nutrients. With the addition of naturally sweet glycerin, Vital KŪ is very palatable and easy to take.

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KM001 KM Potassium Mineral Supplement
32 oz
KM Potassium Mineral Supplement  - not available
120 caps
FUB01 Vital K Original w/Magnesium
16 fl oz