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Eco Dent

PerioBrite Toothpaste
Formulas Created by Dr. James Harrison
(author of
The Periodontal Solution: Healthy Gums Naturally)

periobrite   .   best book on gums

This toothpaste is one of the best toothpastes you can find for fighting gum disease.

PerioBrite is a low abrasive, vegetarian, fluoride-free toothpaste that does more then clean teeth.
It promotes tooth and gum health.

Free of preservatives, alcohol, synthetic solvents, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners, colors and dyes.

Direction: Brush teeth thoroughly after meals, at least twice a day or as directed by your dental professional or physician.
PerioBrite is concentrated; use a pea size amount.

Herbal Extract
Oral cleansing concentrate for dental irrigators

perio cleanse

NAN35 - 4 OZ -$19.95
PerioCleanse™ is an all-natural, deep-cleaning solution specifically developed for use in dental oral irrigators.
This proprietary, vegetarian formula synergistically blends soothing organic and responsibly wildcrafted herbs
plus essential oils with the patented extract of Phytoplenolin¨, a Holistically Balanced¨ herbal extract
that has been shown in independent laboratory studies to promote cell vitality.

PerioCleanse™ naturally flushes around teeth and hard to reach areas. This advanced formula is so concentrated that
it clings to gum tissue longer than less dense commercial products, providing effective, long-lasting results.
Its cool mint flavor leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean for hours. Preservative-Free.

Serving size: Add 2 pumpfuls to 10oz. of warm water in an oral irrigator's reservoir

Each Serving Contains: Vegetable glycerin, Phytoplenolin®, Bio-Chelated® Extracts of echinacea purpurea tops,
calendula flower, Phytoplenolin®, olive leaf, black walnut (green hulls), gotu kola herb, chamomile flowers,
blood root, green tea leaf, prickly ash bark, grapefruit seed; Essential Oils of peppermint, oregano, clove,
thyme; Bio-saponin™, folic acid, co-q10, aloe vera phytogel®, chlorophyll and natural flavors

Oral Irrigating Concentrate
Promotes Periodontal Health

Complete Oral Care With Natural Herbs & CoQ10
NAN32  16 oz  $10.95

A great tasting, alcohol free Mouth Wash

PerioWash™ is a powerful alcohol-free oral rinse and mouthwash that moistens tissue, freshens breath for hours
and encourages periodontal health.  
This advanced mouthwash contains organic and responsibly wildcrafted herbs
including Echinacea, Green Tea and Olive Leaf, ingredients well-known
for promoting healthy gums.  Essential oils
such as Peppermint, Clove, Oregano and Thyme coupled with the patented extract of Phytoplenolin¨,

deliver exceptional long-lasting results.
We carry different flavors.

PerioWash Mouth Wash:

PerioWash Mouth Wash has:

Herbal Extract
Promotes Relief from Tooth and Gum Discomfort

NAN31  - 1/2 oz -  $4.95

PERIO RUB™ Gently massaging this soothing gel into irritated gum tissue provides
 fast-acting relief from tooth and gum discomfort.
PerioRub™ features a proprietary blend of organic and responsibly wildcrafted herbs combined with essential oils
 and the patented extract of Phytoplenolin¨ . These ingredients work together to calm tooth and gum distress.
The cool mint flavor will leave breath refreshed. Preservative-Free.

Serving size: Use as often as needed. Gently massage gel into the gums and pockets around teeth with a cotton swab.
Contains:Purified Water, Vegetable glycerin, Phytoplenolin®, Bio-Chelated® Extracts of echinacea purpurea tops,
calendula flower, olive leaf, black walnut (green hulls), gotu kola herb, chamomile flowers, blood root, green tea leaf,
prickly ash bark, grapefruit seed; Essential Oils of peppermint, oregano, clove, thyme,lavender, cinnamon,
 and eucalyptus, Bio-Saponin , folic acid, coenzyme Q10, aloe vera phytogel ,
sodiumbicarbonate, hydroxyethylcellulose, xanthan gum, and chlorophyll.

PerioRub™ is also ideal for sensitive teeth and may be used
as a non-abrasive dentifrice with a manual or electric toothbrush.

How to Save Your Teeth
by David C. Kennedy DDS . . . . 

BK808   184 pages

This is the most comprehensive book on the market to assist health-oriented consumers take the responsibility for their own good dental health and find out about preventive health in dentistry.  5 basic areas are covered:
...•  How to stop or prevent adult gum disease, at home, without surgery.
...• How to raise children free from dental disease.
...• Scientific documentation about the mercury-filling controversy.
...• The undisputed facts about fluoride.
...• True modern dentistry: at once conservative, non-toxic, and restorative

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PerioWash Winter Mint

16 oz
$10.95 $9.95
PerioWash Cool Mint
16 oz $10.95
PerioWash Cinna Mint
16 oz $10.95
PerioWash Natural Grape - Children
16 oz $10.95
4 oz
PerioBrite Toothpaste

4 oz
PerioRub Topical Rub
1/2 oz
BOK106 The Periodontal Solution: Healthy Gums Naturally  contact us for availability
J. Harrison
$14.95 $12.95
BK106 How to save your Teeth Dr. D. Kennedy $12.00 $10.00