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Price Match Guarantee:

If you find one of the products that we carry for a lower price elsewhere (including s/h), contact us
and let us know  where you found it cheaper  (i.e. website URL) and we will match that price .

If you are ordering on line, after you list your credit card information, we have a box for comments.
Put this information above (URL & price)  in the comments box, and we will honor the matching prices.

Our Service Guarantee:

We are SPEEDY!
We usually ship the day we get your order (M-F)! 
We can ship next day air.
We generally ship USPS priority mail  (or FedEx) which usually takes 2-3 days to U.S.
We go to the post office usually at 5 p.m. eastern time M-F.

We are very FLEXIBLE! 
We can ship or drop-ship to any location.
We can ship multiple orders to multiple locations.
We ship overseas to any country. 
We can ship Next Day Air, or 2nd Day Air.
 We can ship DHL, FedEx, and other couriers (when appropriate).

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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We offer 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all our products that are backed by Manufacturer warranties,
or on all products that have not been used, and that are in the same condition that it was purchased in.

We believe in EDUCATING people about our products! 
We are promoters - we promote the products we love. 
Our goal is to assist (or inspire) you to take your health into your own hands and enhance the quality of your life.
We have many unique & revolutionary holistic health products.
After all, we have been studying Holistic Health & Nutrition for 30 years ! 

We stared from a small Health Store in Columbus, Ohio in 1980.
Since then our small operation has grown to include international distribution of very unique products.

Check out products in which we are special distributors:

The incredible Far Infrared Sauna,

the unbeatable Acu-Masseur back & shoulder massager

an immensely diverse selection of Chinese Exercise Balls,

and the pharmaceutical grade supplements American Biologics product line.

front of store
We invite you to visit our store
at 3509 N. High St:
 Click here for a map and directions to Momentum98
Our hours of operation are:
10 am - 7 pm  Monday-Friday
10 am - 6 pm Saturday
12 pm - 6 pm Sunday

A Note from Phil Wilson
President of Momentum98

It is a joy to share and promote products that can make a difference in YOUR life.

I have been around the block more than a couple of times in the last 30 years.
We originally had an office, beginning Jan 1. 1980, and then opened up our store April 1, 1981.
On Feb. 3, 1988, we moved the store up the street to our current location in Columbus, Oh.
In 1998, we created the company Momentum98 to sell products on the internet,
and eventually the store at 3509 N. High St., Columbus, was encompassed by Momentum98.

For thirty-seven years I have been actively involved in the Health Industry:  both in my store
 in Columbus, Ohio and also through my extensive national travels to Consumer
Holistic Health Expos,  Health Professional shows, Spa & Massage Therapy shows, Raw food
festivals, etc.  to promote and buy unique health products

I enjoy being on the cutting edge of seeing new products as they arise in the economy. 
And sharing this with you.

The products that I choose to sell at our store are the ones that we believe are special. 

Wondering many times why I had a "dream" in which it was highly suggested that the name of
my new business venture be called "Momentum," I have come to see that we are called Momentum
because so many of the products that we sell DO act as catalysts for all of you,
Catalysts to somehow guide you into embracing the elusive present moment.
I did not realize at the time that many religions and philosophies are based on this basic
principle of here and now embracing the moment.

We have discovered that  when you do this.  And we do it 100's  and 1000's of times
during a lifetime.  And when you do do this, special things happen in your life.
When you take Advantage of The Moment  .... You Do Propel Yourself into Greatness !

So many of the herbal products we sell get rid of stagnation in the flow of your body energies.
So many of our massage tools also do this.
And even the Relax Far Infrared Sauna does this by emitting healing light,
which is absorbed into your body, pulsates your water cells, and also has this effect.

The secret of why we are called Momentum - has slowly been revealed to me.

It is almost a message in itself.

We appreciate you looking through our many web pages.
We enjoy introducing AND elaborating on many great products
that can improve the quality of your life.

We do our best to ourselves NOT just to live in the present moment,
but to take it a step forward, and to be so alive in that moment,
that we do take advantage of the moment.

If we are doing this, then by osmosis, you cannot help but catch some of this inspiration.
You may decide to purchase products from us,
or just to live your life and be more alive in each moment.
In either case, our mission has been partially accomplished by your visits to our websites.

Thanks for your participation.

We believe in Service.  

A special note of observation: 
Observation comes from the word Serve.
So when you are observing, you cannot be judging, and hence you are serving.
When you serve the dynamic life force that surrounds all life, it hardly seems like
a greater pleasure exists. 

A key is to grab that moment, embrace it with your beingness, become it, & experience it to the fullest.
You are literally propelled into other worlds of incredible beauty and inspiration.
It is THEN, that you only want to share with others the love you now feel.
Can't share it until you experience it.
Put your own oxygen mask on in the airplane First.  Then you can help others to do so.

We wish you all the best, and many Momentous occasions in your life.

Phillip Wilson: eccentric and visionary President of Momentum98 (Picture taken around 1988)

(Click on the link above for information about me and
my experience of with Massage Tools & the Health Industry in America)