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Last Updated: 4/5/11
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MAS794 - Ting Ting w/Batteries

This is basically a battery-operated version of the Head Trip
(by a different company).

What can it do ?
The Ting Ting  is a motorized battery operated head massager made of pure copper legs and treated ends that have been designed to make you tingle all over. The sensation has been described as "orgasmic." It has also been said that it "makes my body shiver with pleasure." You will be a hero if you take this along to the office, parties or even on a date. The Ting Ting gently stimulates millions of nerve endings on the scalp as well as acupressure points that create tingles, shivers & more - from head to toe.

You need to form the copper legs so that they surround the entire head, gently bending each leg in a semicircular shape. Make sure the ends of each legs are evenly spaced, facing down to the ground or scalp when holding it. The Ting Ting has a battery storing handle and a motor. You can choose to either "turn on" the motor for a stronger sensation, or use it in the traditional manner, without motor for a gentler massage. Whether motor is on or off...  Place the long copper wire tendrils over the head (from the back of the head) and come down toward the front of the neck.

See if you can find the Ting Ting in the picture below...

(The Ting Ting is in the bowl on the right, in front of the painting.)

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Ting Ting (comes with batteries)
$22.95/ea $19.95/ea
Head Trip Copper Head Massager