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TRA01 - 16 oz

Liquid Minerals & Electrolytes

* Homeopathic form (trace amounts) -
value is in its absorption and balance, rather the potency. 
* True crystalloid electrolyte formula - high absorption
* Tasteless, colorless and odorless

* In a base of distilled water, it consists of the following pure minerals: 

Organic Copper, Iodine, Manganese, Zinc, Potassium, Cobalt, Sodium, Selenium, Chromium, Silica and Boron.

The fluids that make up the body are quite sophisticated chemically. They carry electrochemical potentials which influence pH (acidity verses alkalinity), and thus has the potential for becoming too acid or too alkaline in nature, which can greatly impede the efficiency of how biological systems run. Since most of the body is liquid, the pH level (or acid base level) has profound effects on body chemistry, health and disease. Acid base of pH management regulates breathing, circulation, digestion, elimination, hormonal production, immune defense, and inter/intracellular communications. In fact, pH is such an important factor that the body has developed strict accounting procedures to manage acid base balancing pH, removing the normally metabolized developed acids from body systems, without damage to living cells.

The body has 3 major systems which help control pH levels, which are: (1) the respiratory system, (2) the chemical and physiological buffering system and (3) the urinary system via the excretion of urine. But it is the urinary system which quantitatively affects the body’s ability to regulate and stabilize pH more that any other. A decrease in blood pH immediately accelerates the kidney’s removal of free hydrogen (H+), and therefore acidifies urine. And indeed, by regularly measuring urinary pH, we can get a very good idea as to the safety of blood pH and the rest of our body pH as well. Notwithstanding these numerous chemical and physiological buffering systems which help keep the pH of our body slightly alkaline (pH=7.35 to 7.5), the acid buffering capacity of our biochemistry is often over taxed on a regular basis. As we grow older, and our diet changes, our chemical and physiological pH buffering mechanisms often fail us, and the body begins to develop an overall acid profile. For most of us, a slightly more acidic pH blood plasma, extra cellular liquids and urine of the body, becomes the “dangerous norm” rather than the occasional exception. As it is so critically important for our blood plasma to remain slightly alkali, acid potentials (excess H+) must be neutralized and removed from our blood. However when buffering systems become overtaxed, acids and acid forming residuals, instead of being neutralized are simply relocated within the body and not removed at all, becoming stored within the extra cellular fluids and connective tissue cells, directly compromising cellular integrity.

As we have learned, the kidneys are capable of removing more acid than any other buffering system of the body. But there is a problem. The only way to transport excess acid to the kidneys is through the blood system. However, since the blood is so especially sensitive to pH changes, it’s only able to transport a very small amount of acid to the kidneys at any one time. Moreover, a further bottleneck occurs because the kidneys will generally not excrete anything more acid than a pH of 5.4. In order to protect the blood supply, and without other options, the body is then forced to dangerously store any excess toxic corrosive acid wastes within the connective tissue cells of the body. But this is only a short term solution. Virtually all cellular functions are sensitive to alterations of the pH balance of their fluids. This is especially true of connective tissue cells of the body. But this is only a short-term solution.

Virtually all cellular functions are sensitive to alterations of the pH balance of their fluids. This is especially true of connective tissue cells. The body’s metabolic processes depend on a precisely balanced pH value of 7.34 to 7.4 within cellular spaces. If it waivers beyond these limits, either higher or lower, certain enzymatic reactions fail to occur, and cellular metabolism becomes difficult to regulate.
If the pH deviates too far to the acid side, cell metabolism will stop,
and as connective tissue cells become poisoned in their own toxic wastes, these cells will die.

When connective tissue cells die, they close the critical bridges and passageways between the cardiovascular system and the rest of the cells and organs of the body. Such an effect is disastrous. Indeed, when these bridges are closed, nutrients can no longer be supplied, nor can wastes be removed. This causes the “plumbing to backup on itself”, dumping acids back into the bloodstream and other critical organs.
As more and more acid is accumulated, and storage capacity is exhausted, the body slowly begins to “stew” in its own acid poisonous wastes. Without warning, acid wastes begin to silently corrode the veins and arteries, destroying cell walls, and then entire organs. The damage caused is compounded daily, becoming more aggressive and deadly over time. Indeed, an acid pH is so corrosively and insidiously destructive that it’s considered the seed bed of most ,if not all degenerative diseases including:
stroke, heart attack, and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer, immune deficiencies and
neurological dysfunctions such as MS and MD. Thus the imbalance of body pH causing toxic acid waste,
or acidosis is the real killer, the silent killer, because it’s the progenitor the beginning, of so many deadly diseases!

Electrolytes are essential for the existence of life

They provide the mechanism, when combined with proper circulation and balance body chemistry, to maintain proper blood pressure, circulate nutrients, rebuild damaged tissues and expedite wastes from the body. Electrolytes in the body are minerals such as sodium, potassium, chloride, etc. that are dissolved in the blood. When the electrolytes are dissolved they break apart into charged particles called ions. The ions carry either a negative or positive charge. These charged particles create electricity (much like a common battery) that help run the bodies of animals and humans.

Electrolytes are the basis of good health and are used in the maintenance and repair if all tissues, the utilization of amino acids  (cell and tissue "building blocks"), and as the basic of every physical and neurological function. They maintain "osmotic equilibrium" the internal water balance that enables muscles and nerves to contract and expand, and wounds to heal. They are also essential for the growth and development of the bones as well as the organs. Additionally, the electrolyte solution is responsible for carrying minerals and amino acids to all points of the body. The pH (the measure of acidity or alkalinity) of the body is regulated by the electrolytes. If the "electrolyte solution" is out of balance the body may be in a disease state, nutrient deficient and vulnerable to disease. The proper amount of electrolyte minerals should be available from a food and denatured way has rendered these sources inadequate and it should be supplemented.

A note from Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98

Electrolytes & Your Health

The often asked question as to why electrolytes are so effective in warding off degenerative disease (viruses, etc.) can at last be answered by looking back to our roots - the soil and its mineral content.

People are a product of the earth, and in the earth is not vitamins but - MINERALS  !

Our bodies are capable of producing vitamins and additionally, in order for proteins to be broken down into amino acids, require a great deal of enzyme production -- however, not one enzyme can be produced in the body without mineral assistance!   Minerals are the "spark plug" of the body. So, you see, it's like a simple math problem... 1 + 1 = 2, that simple!

No matter what wonderful tales are woven around so many nutritional supplements - without liquid crystalloid minerals, which are literally being absorbed through the soft tissues of our bodies even as we drink it! It does not go through the process of digestion as other types of minerals MUST, such as colloidal.

TRA026 - 90 caps Unavailable
TRA027 - 180 caps Unavailable
Ionically bound calcium and magnesium with electrolytes.
Recent scientific research indicates that a 1 to 1 ratio of calcium and magnesium may be more beneficial for our body's demand based on current food sources. Additionally, as a further aid to improve calcium absorption, Trace-Lyte crystalloid electrolyte formula powder is ionically blended in to further enhance body homeostasis and assimilation, thereby allowing for improved bone matrix, through a process known as biovection.

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