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COW02 - 90 tabs

In ancient China, body discomfort or pain was often interpreted as an energy
blockage or impeded blood circulation.

Pain was described in terms of familiar weather-like conditions. Pain that moved or changed location was described as WIND blockage. People who predict changes in weather because of achy joints has pain caused by DAMP or COLD. When joints felt hot or inflamed it was said to be caused by HEAT in the body.

Early herbalists recognized that certain herbs countered these symptoms: circulation of the blood and energy in the body. This information was recorded and passed on through generations of medical practitioners. Tung Shueh Pills take advantage of this traditional knowledge to improve circulation in the body.  Tung translates as circulate and Shueh refers to blood. The function of the pills in terms of Oriental medicine is to disperse the energy and blood blockages which cause discomfort. Below are summaries of actions of the herbs in Tung Shueh Pills.

3-9 tablets per day

A Note From Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98

Tung Shueh Pills are the foremost natural remedy for joint and muscle pain. This remarkable herb formula relieves pain by dispersing the energetic stagnation that creates pain and discomfort. 

Our customers report that Tung Shueh works well with arthritis, back and joint pain as well as recent muscle injuries.
People with fibromyalgia have noted improvement in their condition as well. We recommend taking three pills three times a day for four to five days and then gradually lowering the dose to one pill three times per day or as needed.

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Rhizoma Homalomenea, Fructus Chaenomelis Lagenariae, Fructus Psoraleae, Plastrum Testudinis, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Pyritum, Cortex Cinnamomi, Frankincense, Myrrha, Rhizoma Curcuma, Benzoinum, Radix Jurineae, Semen Benincasae, Radix Morindae, Cortex Eucommiae, Radix Dipsaci, Radix Archyranthis Bidentatae, Flos Carthami.

Rhizoma Homalomenae is known in China as Quin nian jian or 
"a thousand years of health." It is an important herb for treating joint pain that moves in the body or pain that is affected by the weather. Traditional herbalists say it strengthens the tendons and bones. It has a strong tonifying action and is also used for pain and swelling  due to traumatic injuries. In China it is widely used for treating the elderly. It is traditionally combined with Achyranthis. 

Note: Some brands of Tung Shueh Pills use Tiger bone. Since Tigers are an endangered species we feel it is inappropriate to use it. Homalomenae is the plant equivalent of Tiger bone.

Fructus Chaenomelis Lagenariae helps relax the sinews and opens up the acupuncture meridians that, when blocked, cause pain. It is one of the more effective herbs for relaxing the tendons. It is beneficial for joint pain due to changes in weather and  for pain in the lower extremities.

White Gourd is helpful for painful or weak lower back and extremities.

Plastrum Testudinis strengthens the bones.

Radix Angelicae Sinensis is an important herb for stopping pain due to poor circulation. It is used for chronic joint pain affected by the weather.

Pyritum is said to promote the healing of bones and tendons and is used for swelling and pain caused by physical injuries.

Cortex Cinnamomi is said to disperse cold in the body and alleviate pain. It is used for joint pain caused by wet and cold weather changes.

Frankincense promores the circulation of energy in the body. It alleviates pain and is used for joint pain that moves in the body and pain that is affected by damp weather. Commonly used with Myrrh.

Myrrha circulates the blood and alleviates joint pain due to energy blockage.

Benzoinum is a resin from trees. It stimulates the circulation of blood.

Radix Jurineae is a energy circulating herb.

Semen Benincasae is useful for draining damp energy from the body. Damp energy creates joint pain that feels heavy, distended or swollen.

Radix Morindae strengthens the tendons and bones. It is useful for back and leg pain.

Cortex Eucommiae strengthens the tendon and bones and is good for painful lower back and knees.

Radix Dipsaci is known in Chinese as Xu Duan or "restore what is broken." It is good for sore and painful lower back and knees, stiffness in joints and weakness in the legs.

Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae is good for the tendons, bones, and joints. It is often used with Eucommiae for pain and weakness of the lower back and extremities.

Flos Carthami (salflower) alleviates pain. It also harmonizes the blood.

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90 tabs