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rolleiver - ivory
MAS817 - Original Ivory Rollers
MAS818 - Thin Brown Rollers

For tired, aching feet.

 For the money, this is one of the best overall foot massagers you can buy. 
It is made of hard plastic - that feels good on the foot. The very soothing action instantly relaxes the foot.
If you do the right foot first, your left foot is definitely gonna feel left out!

The secret... how to use it !
Start by isolating the toes, then move to the balls of the feet, the sides of the feet,
and then the right part of the heal, the central part of the heal, and then the left part of the heal,
you can get a really great massage. 

A second secret...
By turning your Rolliever Foot Massager sideways, you can roll your arch instead of forward & backwards, sideways and back from sideways, and by doing so, you give your arch a great massage.
There's nothing like the Rolleiver, for tired, aching feet. 
Or for feet that are healthy, that just want to feel super super healthy!

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The Reflex Foot Massager
relax a roller - red plastic - ideal for reflex points

If you really love to have Foot Reflexology - here is a variation to do-it-yourself. 
These hard plastic Relax-a-Rollers can do you in - wonderfully!
Relax-a-Roller is purported to be one of the only foot massagers that can actually trigger foot reflex points,
as discussed in the Science of Reflexology
We agree it is great! It's n
ot for the light-hearted.

Size: 12" long. Also comes 18" long with handles to roll on back, body, and also as a foot massager.

MAS33 - with handles

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Made of wood, with four rows of small spikes and one row of longer nodules.

The Deluxe Reflexology Foot Bed is a great massager! 

It grooves well into the foot, and can be used by both feet at the same time, while sitting in a chair.
We give it a thumbs up!  

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Electric Mini-Acupressure Massager

Foot & Hand Massager With Removable Handle

MAS943 - Acc-U-Ssager with Removable Handle
AA Batteries Included
Limited Stock!

They say that the direct application of the Acc-U-Ssager to the hips back, abdomen, and pelvic areas can send soothing waves of calming relaxation. The effects can be relief from muscular pains and soreness,
relief from anxiety, and a feeling of greater overall well-being.

MAS941 - Acc-U-Ssager with no handle
AA Batteries Included
Limited Stock!

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*Temporarily Discontinued* 
roll-o-flex deluxe foot massager

The most unique total massager for the whole body.
Quality crafted hardwood construction. 

It's not just a great Deluxe Foot Massager...

The Roll-o-Flex is also for for back rolling, scalp massage, headache relief (by resting on it),
for leg rolling and for foot rolling.
MAS271-Imitation Footsie Roller
Imitation Footsie Roller 9"
MAS11-Imitation Mini Footsie Roller
Mini Footsie Roller 6"
MAS272-Double Footsie Roller
Double Footsie Roller 12"

These are the perfect alternative to the Ma Footsie Roller:
the defined ridges are designed to relieve foot stress and provide profound satisfaction.

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Healthy Kenpo Foot Roller

More than just a great foot massage!

Reflexology recognizes that there are point in the feet directly related to our human organs.
By stimulating the acupressure points, different vital functions may be stimulated to enhance
overall well-being.

Specially designed to:
-alleviate tired and sore feet
-stimulate Reflex points
-relieve stress
-help increase blood circulation

Premium quality ABS + PVC reflexology construction features hundreds of spiraling massage nodules
designed to effectively stimulate all major reflexology points.

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Ueqiuche Magnetic Foot Massager
(the Ueqiuche !)

ueqiuche  ueqiuche with feet
MAS263 - Ueqiuche Magnetic Foot Massager (about 7" x 11.5")

ueqiuche standing      ueqiuche seated     ueqiuche seated with dog
2 feet at once, sitting or standing !  (at your desk or in the living room)

The moon car wheel type rolling feet massager is a new portable device
that integrates magnetic treatment and massage.
You can massage your feet even while standing, and holding on to something.
You can also massage two feet at one time easily while sitting.
The Ueqiuche will hold up to 350 lbs if you are standing on it.

The massage wheels of the massager include magnetic pins.
When the massage wheels are rotated, they will continuously produce a pulse magnetic field
to benefit the health of the human body, without any electric power. 

Pretty much one of the best foot massagers !
Yep, that's about it...  The spiky points are effective, yet mild enough to give a nice soothing,
comfortable massage.   Nice VERY STURDY unit.   We highly recommend this foot massager

And actually, it is a feet massager, not just a foot massager.
It works very very well !  - Stays in one place.... doesn't move around ! 

MAS263 - $39.95 for 1, $34.95 each for 2 or more -
Ueqiuche Magnetic Foot Massager
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Acu-Reflex Foot & Back Massager

acu-reflex foot & back massager
MAS034 - Acu-Reflex Foot & Back Massager

Acu-Reflex Massager has non-allergenic rubber balls over a stainless steel rod - covered by brass bushings.
Comes in Blue (hard) or Lavender (soft) rubber balls.

acu-reflex foot & back massager on feet
For your feet:  Place one or both feet on the Acu-Reflex Massager.  Roll them back and forth.
acu-reflex foot & back massage on wall
For your back:  Hold the Acu-Reflex Massager between the wall and your back. 
Bend the knee to move your body up and down.
acu-reflex foot & back massage on floor
or:  You can place the Acu-Reflex Massager on the floor and lie down on top of it.
Massage by moving your body.

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go to our goosebumps page
MAS12 - Actual size
Comes in a pair

Goose Bumps release stress by massaging muscles and by activating acupressure points
which send signals to relax to all parts of the body.
Light pressure may be necessary in sensitive areas, but strong pressure is recommended for most muscle tissues.
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A Note From Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98 

Check out the
(Related to Acu-Relex Massager)

deluxe pain eraser & pain eraser by itself
Pain Eraser & Pain Eraser Deluxe Page

Your toes and feet will receive many of the same healthy benefits that your body does when performing stretches.


HTS003   (see colors variety in pricing table below)

Healthy Toes Revolutionizing Foot Care

 The Healthytoes may help to:

  • Increasing balance, “sure-footed-ness,” joint range, coordination.
  • Decreasing foot pain
  • Restoring the natural vibrancy and bounce of healthy athletic feet
  • Correcting bone/tissue/cartilage misalignments
  • Detoxification
  • Improving posture, foot reaction time, stamina
  • Much much more…

 see our HealthyToes page

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MAS817 Rolliever  - Ivory

(12+/ 10.95 ea)
Rolliever - Brown

(12+ 10.95 ea)
MAS32 Relax-a-Roller 
MAS33 Relax-a-Roller w/ Handles
MAS271 Footsie Roller - 9"
(4+/ 10.95 ea)
MAS272 Footsie Roller - DOUBLE - 12"
(4+/ 10.95 ea)
MAS11 Footsie Roller - MINI - 6"
(4+/ 5.95 ea)
MAS58 Roll-o-flex (temporarily discontinued) 
MAS996 Deluxe Reflexology Foot Bed Unavailable
MAS941 Acc-U-Ssager  (with AA batteries) Unavailable $14.95 $12.95
MAS943 Acc-U-Ssager w/ Handle (with AA batteries) Unavailable
Acu-R Foot Masseur (Healthy Kenpo Foot Roller) Unavailable
Pain Eraser - Hard Rubber (blue)
$ 17.95
Pain Eraser - Soft Rubber (yellow)
MAS62 Pain Eraser Deluxe
MAS034 Acu-Reflex Foot & Back Massager - reg. $79.95

$59.95 $54.95
MAS263 Ueqiuche Magnetic Foot Massager   unavailable $39.95 $34.95
Goosebumps Massage Balls- 1 pair unavailable
Goosebumps POWER Massagers (2 Goosebumps on a rope)