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(formerly Golden Healing Salve)

This Golden Salve can be used for wounds, burns, infections, skin rejuvenation,
sunburn, rashes,
chapped skin, diaper rash, cradle cap, dry noses or other skin abrasions.
It is one of the products we have been carrying the longest.
We recommend it for any kind of skin difficulties, especially cuts & burns.

It's one of those ointments that belongs in everyone's medicine chest.

For the life of me, it's a wonder that it's not more well known.

Anyone who gets tattooed in Columbus, Ohio usually makes
their way over here for a bottle of this precious salve.

Olive, safflower & coconut oils, beeswax, propolis, goldenseal root,
comfrey root,
calendula, yellow dock, balm of gilead, vitamin E oil, gum benzoin. 

Comfrey is known as the knitbone herb, Propolis is known for fighting infections,
and Calendula is a well known herb used for healing.

EQU015 - Golden Salve (0.25 oz) - $2.95
EQU01 - Golden Salve (1.25 oz) - $ 8.50
EQU012 - Golden Salve (2 oz) - $15.95
EQU014 - Golden Salve (4 oz) - $28.95

For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints
associated with simple headache, arthritis, sprains, bruises, and strains.
Notice: The label has changed on some of the White flower products to a white and blue label

What they don't tell you on the label is that...
It is wonderful for headaches & any kind of sinus problems.
(simply apply a small amount to temples, or in cupped hands and breathe...)

Active: wintergreen 40%, menthol 15%, camphor 6%,
Inactive:  eucalyptus 18%, Peppermint 15%, Lavender 6%

CHN15 - White Flower Analgesic Balm (0.67 oz) - $9.95 Not available
CHN151 - White Flower Analgesic Balm White and Blue Label (0.67 oz) - $16.95
CHN14 - White Flower Analgesic Balm (0.34 oz) - $5.95
CHN135 - White Flower Analgesic Balm (0.08 oz) - $2.00


This unique oil is the natural accompaniment for massage.
Its aromatic layer of warmth relaxes tired and soothing muscles.
Provides a soothing comfort. Softens dry skin. 
Use after bath or shower and before or after exercise.

Ingredients: peanut & olive oil, arnica montana & birch leaf extract, rosemary & lavender oil.

WEL01 - Weleda Arnica Massage Oil (4 oz) - $16.95 - 2 or more, $15.95 each


ENS05 - Athletic Recovery Oil (2 oz) - $9.95
Formulated by Debra St. Claire, M. H.

Active Ingredients: Wintergreen & Capsicum
Fresh wildcrafted or organically grown extracts of: Arnica, St. John's Wort, Comfrey Root & capsicum in a base of Castor, Flax, Sesame & Wheat Germ Oils, lecithin, and Irish Moss with essential oils of rosemary, wintergreen & juniper.

Australian Medicinal Eucalyptus Oil

Medicinal Eucalyptus Oil - the best quality on the market for a GREAT price !

VAX03 - Arbor Oil
Australian Medicinal Eucalyptus Oil (1.7 oz) - $8.95

Uses: Insect repellent
Eucalyptus is a great mosquito repellent.
Mix with citronella oil for best performance.
(use lavender or another favorite essential oil for fragrance)

Relief of muscular aches and arthritic pain

• May assist in the management of sprains and strains
• Helps prevent stiffness and soreness
• For the systematic relief of fibromyalgia
• Great for athletes, sports players, and joggers
• For Arthritis, Rheumatism, Lumbago and Fibrosis's

Spray directly on affected area and massage well. For intense treatment, apply a hot compress to the affected area for five minutes. Spray a generous amount of Arbor Oil on a clean, dry washcloth and apply to the affected area for five minutes. For massaging, Arbor Oil may be mixed with a carrier oil (grapeseed, apricot, coconut, vegetable oil etc.): add 10 drops of Arbor Oil to 20 ml of carrier oil and work by hand into the affected area.

Use in all kinds of filters
(air conditioner, humidifier, etc.) to clean the air, remove mold and air bound germs.

Dust mites
spray on infested area (bedding, sofa, chairs etc.) twice per day for 1 week

Spray on hot rocks

Allergies/ Sinuses
Spray in a tissue and breath in for general relief

Other great uses
Air freshener
Stain Remover
Laundry Pre-wash


Tiger Balm is so famous it is almost unnecessary to write of its benefits.
(I remember reading a long time ago that Joe Montana not only goes for the BOMB,
but he also goes for the BALM (TIGER)

Tiger Balm is a sports rub, for sore muscles & overexertion.
It is a pain relieving ointment.
It has been used by over one third of the the world's population for nearly 100 years.
More than 20 million jars are sold in over 70 countries. 

Tiger Balm now comes in many forms to suite your needs.


CHN07 - White (4 grams) - $1.95
CHN09 - White (8 grams) - $2.69
CHN11 - White (18 grams) - $7.50

CHN06 - Red (4 grams) - $1.95
CHN08 - Red (8 grams) - $2.69
CHN10 - Red (18 grams) - $7.50

CHN30 - Ultra (8 grams) - $2.95
CHN27 - Ultra (18 grams) - $8.50
CHN251 - Ultra (50 grams) - $13.95


  CHN195 - Liquid Liniment (2 oz) - $8.50

2 oz Topical Analgesic Cream 

Fast relief of aches and pain.
Effective for pre-exercise warm up.

CHN28 - Muscle Rub (2 oz) - $5.95 

External Plaster Patch.
Stretchable - Removes Easily
Not Messy or Greasy

CHN29 - Patches (5 per pack) - $5.95

Arthritis Rub
Arthritis Rub
CHN31 - 4 oz - 13.95

Neck & Shoulder Rub
Neck & Shoulder Rub
CHN33 - 1.76 oz - $9.95

Kwan Loong Oil

Kwan Loong Oil
Kwan Loong Oil
CHN196 - 2oz - $8.50
CHN197 - 1oz - $4.95

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Zheng Gu Shui

Zheng Gu Shui
CHN16 - 1.05oz Spray Liniment - $2.50
CHN165 - 1.05oz Spray Liniment - $2.75
CHN175 - 3.5oz Analgesic Liniment - $9.95
CHN18 - 1.05oz Spray Dispenser - $4.50

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Dragon Balm
Dragon Balm Red
Dragon Balm Red
CHN02 - 3.5gm - $0.85
Dragon Balm White
Dragon Balm White
CHN03 - 3.5gm - $0.85
Dragon Balm Red
Dragon Balm Red
CHN04 - 19gm - $3.95
Dragon Balm White
Dragon Balm White
CHN05 - 19gm - $3.95

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JoySpray 888

No Image
CHN22 - 16oz Refill Bottle - $35.95

Herbal Balm

 External analgesic for natural pain relief.
RUB01 - The Rubb Herbal Balm (.75 oz)

This is probably one of the most incredible pain relievers out there!
Hundreds of people attest to its greatness - from athletes, regular people, and many others.
Not only is it an incredible pain reliever, but reports have come to us about the amazing healing properties it has. If you look at the herbs in the formula, and what they are know for doing, you would not be surprised by the results we have been getting with our friends and customers.
I have personally seen an infection clear up on a friend's hand within days of use
(after it had not healed on its own for a week).

This is one of the
most incredible salve products that we have.

A pure natural balm containing 21 herbs, 5 essential oils and 2 natural crystals
(in a base of olive oil and beeswax). 

Active ingredients:  Menthol 7%, camphor .9%. 

Other ingredients: 
Herbs: capsicum, arnica, wintergreen, comfrey, goldenseal, rosemary and fifteen others that act as synergists to increase the effectiveness of these herbs in combination. 
Essential Oils:  eucalyptus, cajuput, thyme, lavender and clove. 
Crystals:  natural menthol and camphor. 

Indications:  Muscle & joint pain, inflammation, stiffness, spasm and pre warm-up.

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CHN135 White Flower Analgesic
0.08 oz
CHN14 White Flower Analgesic Unavailable
0.34 oz
CHN15 White Flower Analgesic Unavailable
0.67 oz
White Flower Analgesic White and Blue Label

0.67 oz
CHN06 Tiger Balm - Red - Regular Strength
4 gram
CHN08 Tiger Balm - Red - Regular Strength
8 gram 
CHN10 Tiger Balm - Red - Regular Strength
18 gram 
CHN07 Tiger Balm - White - Extra Strength
4 gram
CHN09 Tiger Balm - White - Extra Strength
8 gram
CHN11 Tiger Balm - White - Extra Strength
18 gram
Tiger Balm - Ultra Sports Rub 8 gram $2.95
CHN27 Tiger Balm - Ultra Sports Rub
18 gram
CHN251 Tiger Balm - Ultra Sports Rub
50 gram 
Tiger Balm - Arthritis Rub
4 oz
Tiger Balm - Neck & Shoulder Rub

1.76 oz
CHN194 Tiger Balm - Liquid Liniment Discontinued
1 oz 
CHN195 Tiger Balm - Liquid Liniment
2 oz
CHN28 Tiger Balm Muscle Rub
2 oz 
CHN29 Tiger Balm Patch (5 medicated plaster patches) 
5 Patches
Zheng Gu Shui Analgesic Spray Liniment 1.05oz $2.50
Zheng Gu Shui Analgesic Spray Liniment
Zheng Gu Shui Analgesic Liniment
Zheng Gu Shui Analgesic Spray Dispenser

1.05oz $4.50
Dragon Balm Red
Dragon Balm White
3.5gm $0.85 $0.75/ea
Dragon Balm Red
Dragon Balm White
$3.95 $3.50/ea
Joyspray 888
RUB01 The Rubb Herbal Analgesic Balm Discontinued
3/4 oz
EQU015 Equinox Botanicals Golden Salve
1/4 oz 
EQU01 Equinox Botanicals Golden Salve
1.25 oz
EQU012 Equinox Botanicals Golden Salve
2 oz 
EQU014 Equinox Botanicals Golden Salve
4 oz 
ENS05 Athletic Recovery Oil
2 oz
$9.95 $9.50
VAX03 Arbor Oil Australian Medicinal Eucalyptus Oil
1.7 oz 
WEL01 Weleda Arnica Massage Oil
4 oz
WEL01Q Weleda Arnica Massage Oil
Discontinued by Manufacturer
32 oz